Top 5 Reasons Using A Toronto Private Investigator Can Help Attorneys Win A Civil Case

Great attorneys find the evidence needed to win cases. A good lawyer only uses the evidence available to them. But how do great attorneys gather the needed evidence? They obtain the expertise of a Toronto private investigator by speaking with the experts through the investigation hotline.

Here are the top five ways that a private investigator in Toronto helps attorneys win civil cases:

1. Track Down Assets

It is no secret that assets significantly influence the winning of civil cases. Lawyers understand that when it comes to those types of cases, assets are damaging. Understandably so, as the ruling is worth nothing if there is no assets or money to declare.

Although assets may be difficult for the average individual to find, investigators are expert in locating assets in civil cases. Assets may include real estate, wealth, motor vehicles, aircraft, antiques, artwork, etc. Private investigators can even find hidden bank accounts, whether offshore or domestic.

Naturally, whenever someone begins legal action, their assets strangely disappear into thin air. So, it is a private investigator’s job to find them.

2. Uncover New Leads and Evidence

Another major advantage of having a private investigator assist in a civil case is they are able to lend a fresh set of eyes and gain additional information or evidence that supports an attorneys argument and help them win the battle. An investigator is able to notice details in a civil case that an attorney may not have the expertise to detect.

Reviewing files in any trial is of greatest importance. Who knows what could be buried beneath the mountain of information in email correspondences, insurance contracts, or phone records? The investigator could uncover clues hidden in the fine print. They also have training in looking at police evidence, which is useful in case the authorities may have missed an important piece of evidence that is critical to the case.

3. Locate and Analyze Electronic Evidence

Unknown to most of us, anything and everything is done on the internet leaves behind a digital footprint that can be tracked and analyzed. Let the trained professional from Investigation Hotline assist you on your next case.

A large part of the private investigator’s job has become carefully scrutinizing correspondence and files thanks to technology reaching almost every aspect of our life. Fortunately, investigators are highly skilled in that regard.

Whenever a civil case requires documents, emails, texts, or other files to be analyzed, lawyers generally rely on private investigation services. In fact, a good investigator can retrieve already deleted data and files by using sophisticated software and his training.

A private investigator can retrieve valuable date from an individual’s downloads, browsing history, online conversations, credit card transactions, and call logs.

4. Obtain Video Evidence

A video recording in a legal case provides extremely compelling evidence. However, now that anyone can use their Smartphones to take video surveillance, you may be wondering about the purpose of hiring an investigator for this service. Not only does it take skill, but it also takes ample amounts of patience to perform this job successfully.

First, it can take days, weeks, or months to gather video proof by following the subject around undetected. Secondly, an investigator utilizes a range of equipment for sleuthing: digital scanners, GPS trackers, device cloners, military-grade binoculars, audio recording equipment, covert cameras, and much more. And when necessary, they even hire undercover operatives.

Video footage is particularly beneficial in legal cases involving adulterous spouses, insurance fraud, worker’s compensation, child custody battles, and theft. Even employee requirement posters could be of importance.

5. Social Media Investigations

Today, almost everyone is on social media. An individual’s public information and sensitive data can be retrieved with just a few clicks of the mouse. Social media investigations have become more constant in the investigative effort since the internet provides an abundance of information on people.

Public law enforcement frequently utilizes social media to gather evidence, track suspects, determine the falsehood or truth of an alibi, or check for illegal behavior.

Some websites that private investigators conduct social media investigations include:

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Instagram

· Tumblr

· Reddit

· YouTube

· LinkedIn

Why Employ the Services of a Toronto Private Investigator?

Because of their professional, specialized perspective and analytical skills, the support of a Toronto private investigator in civil cases is considerable. With the assistance of an investigator in Toronto, lawyers are able to get to the core of the case quicker and more efficiently and make use of the information they provide to influence the court’s decision in their favor.

If you are in need of a private investigator in Toronto, reach out to the experts from Investigation Hotline today!

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