Top 10 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing During The Covid-19 Slowdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world like nothing else before. Just like all other businesses, the law firm business has been seeing many upheavals.

However, the present COVID-19 crisis has revealed one thing that seems to be universal among people which is their propensity to turn to online resources to keep in touch with other people and what is happening elsewhere.

This is the biggest opportunity for you to enlarge your business through a well planned digital marketing strategy. Any marketing will require resources and you will need to optimize your digital marketing to reap the benefits it can offer.

Here are 10 affordable ways to improve your law firm’s digital marketing.

1. Review your website

Your website may need a relook for its efficacy under changed conditions posts the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is necessary to get a competent review by your in-house team who could also invoke the services of an external agency.

2. Hire a good digital marketing agency

It is possible that you have a single marketing agency handling all media. It is definitely important to hire an agency that is specialized in digital marketing to offer you creative marketing ideas for law firms . This type of specialized agency can review your digital marketing and provide you with a viable strategy.

3. Create interesting content

As you can see from these statistics, content is a vital part of digital marketing and with increased interest in online sources, people will be looking forward to information from the content you post on your website. Excellent content would keep interested in your firm top of mind and invite new customers to your website.

4. Assess your current media plans

You need to reassess your current marketing plans and the budgets you have provided for them. In light of the latest information available on the customers’ media consumption habits, you have to rework your media strategy and make digital platforms your primary medium. This calls for changes in other areas too such as content, choice of media vehicles, and target audience selection.

5. Use other search engines

Although Google and Google AdWords are the benchmark for search engine and advertising on digital platforms, you have to consider other search engines such as Bing and BingAds. Alternative search engines offer you superior return on investment as they have lower cost per click metrics.

6. Optimize PPC

Pay per click (PPC) program is an important element of any digital marketing strategy. The five components of PPC – campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and landing pages – need to be optimized so as to reap the benefits of PPC strategy. For instance, if your landing page loads slowly, then the visitor may exit from your website resulting in a waste of advertising dollars.

7. Use retargeting strategy

Retargeting or remarketing is a great tactic to follow when someone who has visited your website does not follow through. Statistics indicate that click through rates with retargeting are higher than first time clicks. You can implement a retargeting strategy through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Instagram.

8. Use Videos

Video is a powerful medium to attract customers and keep them interested. Videos have inherent advantages of visual and audio content that catches the attention of any viewer. Your law firm will benefit immensely if it can showcase your top attorneys in the videos to explain intricate law points. Actually, videos could form a major part of your content strategy. All digital advertising platforms offer video and you should exploit their potential.

9. Use live chat

Keeping in touch with existing customers and following up with new customers enables you to build confidence in each other. The fact that it is a live chat and there is someone responsible to chat with the customer is itself a confidence building measure. Ensure your website hosts a live chat option.

10. Monitor digital marketing campaigns

Monitoring is a necessary activity to ensure your advertising dollar is spent effectively. If you don’t do it then you will leak a lot of money in the form of ineffective campaigns. With monitoring, you can take midcourse corrections to your campaigns and make your advertising dollar work more.

The above digital marketing efforts will help you to retain your existing customers and further help you to garner new customers. When you look at the above in a holistic way you will find that your overall budget has come down because there is an increase in efficiency and effectiveness giving you the maximum bang for your buck.

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