4 Different Types of Interactive Gaming Apps You Should Play ASAP

According to Statista, 25.08% of Apple App Store downloads in July 2017 were games related, with the runner up falling short at just 9.83%. Clearly, gaming apps are an incredibly popular, successful and important part of the modern mobile experience.

In fact, they are so popular that some particularly dedicated individuals have even started live streaming their gameplay, attracting thousands of viewers from around the world. There are even dedicated platforms such as Mobcrush, Twitch and Mirrativ that enable these mobile gamers to stream their games with ease, to the point where they can even make a living from it.

However, with so many options to choose from, how can you know which type of game to choose?

Puzzle Apps

If we’re going by popularity, then puzzle apps are by far your best bet when it comes to gaming apps. According to Vetro Analytics, Brain Puzzle apps such as Words With Friends, Sudoku and Draw Something have acquired almost 38 million monthly unique users, with an engagement rating of 40%. Meanwhile, the sister genre Matching Puzzles accounts for another 30 million users who enjoy games like Bejewelled and Candy Crush. Together, these two puzzle genres account for 36% of net reach, an outstanding feat is that is not likely to be beaten anytime soon.

Strategy Apps

You’d have to be forgiven for confusing strategy apps for puzzle apps, as many are based on more traditional board games that we have considered puzzling for centuries. These games require logic, planning and, of course, strategy and are often reminiscent of chess or Risk, if not based on the games entirely. Regardless of how serious the game may appear, whether its Clash of Clans or Thrones: Kingdom of War, all strategy games require dedication and time.

Bingo Apps

For years now, bingo has gained an outstanding number of fans across the world due to the many online operators available. More recently, these sites have started providing mobile browser-friendly counterparts and even specialized apps to ensure their customers can play whenever and wherever they like. So, what makes the best bingo apps when there are so many to choose from? For starters, the graphics, sound effects and navigation need to be of high-quality, and secondly, you should always look for exclusive offers such as no deposit bonuses and promotions.

Action/Adventure Apps

Similarly to console and PC gamers, many mobile gamers enjoy action and strategy based titles. This is by far the most varied mobile gaming genre with a diverse variety of titles to offer from, with everything from shooting galleries to retro arcade simulators on offer. Regardless of which type of action app you go for though, all require quick reflexes and time commitment, whether it be an intense war FPS like Siberian Strike or a more testing title like Glyder.

So, which genre do you enjoy the most? Are you considering trying a different genre now that we’ve covered four of the most popular gaming types? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what your favourite mobile gaming app of all time is.

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