The Top NFT Games

If you’re a keen gamer, then you will have heard people talk about NFT games and the potential they offer. Like any new technology, there has been a rapid increase in the number of games that have been launched, and you might be wondering just where you should start. You can read more about NFT profit here.

So, we’ve made your life a little easier by providing you with all the details of our top five suggestions for the very best in NFT gaming.


Cryptokitties is one of the best-known NFT games. It is a Tamagotchi-style game where players buy, breed, and collect digital kittens. Each kitten has its own set of genes, so their appearance varies from kitten to kitten. The price of a single kitty varies depending on how other players perceive that particular cat’s rarity and genetic makeup.

The biggest attraction to the CryptoKitties game is that it allows users to breed kitty cats, resulting in rare, unique offspring. This results in high demand by players willing to pay large amounts of Ethereum cryptocurrency, often hundreds or thousands of dollars, for these opportunities.

What We Like About Cryptokitties

  • There is a pretty big and active community. 
  • New videos and articles coming out every week about the game 
  • Some believe that it will be on the Ethereum blockchain as long as players want to use it.

What We Dislike About Cryptokitties

  • Some people don’t like how similar this game is to Tamagotchi, a game from the 90s.
  • Sometimes people make fun of how cryptokitties are selling for hundreds or thousands of dollars, even if they don’t have any rare traits. 
  • Some users complain that there is a lack of updates and new features in the game.

Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a robot-themed, decentralized world where people can battle with their robots to win Ethereum.

Every week, players compete in new challenges to earn prizes, one of which is additional player-owned land free of charge. Players begin with 100 basic bots and can upgrade them by buying advanced bots or combining the basic bots to make one advanced bot.

What We Like About Evolution Land

  • Fun gameplay, similar to games like Robocraft and World of Tanks. 
  • A big community with thousands of active players 
  • The challenging aspect provides something extra for players 
  • A pretty cool backstory on how the world was created in a laboratory 

What We Dislike About Evolution Land

  • This game has been out for a while, and the updates haven’t come as often as some people would like. 
  • Players complain that this game is too similar to Robocraft 
  • People say there isn’t enough content for this game 
  • Some users say the community isn’t very friendly because of the competitive gameplay and bias towards new players


Etherbots is a fighting robot game with a marketplace where players can buy and sell their robots. Etherbots is a sandbox where you can build your own battle bot to fight other bot owners in the arena.

For players to make stronger bots, they need parts from different types of heroes, villains, robots, and cyborgs. The more parts you have, the stronger your bot will be.

What We Like About Etherbots 

  • There are a lot of players in this game 
  • There is a big community with lots of “Etherbot” discussions across different subreddits  (r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, etc.) 
  • You can customize your battles and robots to make them unique 
  • You can buy new types of parts with Ethereum cryptocurrency 
  • A wide variety forces players to strategize their battlebots 

What We Dislike About Etherbots  

  • Players complain that some bots are too expensive for how strong they are
  • It takes too long to get certain parts. 
  • Players also dislike the fact that the updates aren’t frequent enough. 
  • There is also a lack of content in this game compared to others 
  • Some people think this game is too expensive for what it offers


In Etheremon, players have fantasy characters, called Mons, who battle other Mons and collect rewards. Etheremon isn’t built on the blockchain, but it does have its own cryptocurrency, EMONT, which can be used to pay for items in-game.

What We Like About Etheremon 

  • You can build your Mon’s team and upgrade their levels. 
  • Players are rewarded for letting other players capture their Mons 
  • A player can buy land to build a castle, where they can put the Mon’s they catch 
  • This is an RPG game that lets you explore, battle, and level up your Mons 
  • There is a marketplace where players can sell their hard-earned Mon’s to other players

What We Dislike About Etheremon 

  • The fighting system takes some time to get used to 
  • Some users complain about the wallet for EMONT being difficult to use 
  • The wallet is held on the website, which you have to log into every time 
  • There are no other games like this one 
  • There have been complaints about account hacking in this game

Decent.Bet is a casino-style blockchain game where players can place bets using Ethereum. It was founded in 2017 and aims to provide their community with the opportunity to create games, wagers, or rooms and share in the revenue. 

What We Like About

  • There is a variety of different betting options in this game. 
  • Players feel like they have a chance to get rewarded at the casino 
  • The community likes how quick transactions are 
  • Some users think the graphics and design of this game is excellent 
  • New updates are coming out all the time

What We Dislike About

  • This game hasn’t been out for very long, so there isn’t a huge community 
  • Players complain that the games in this casino are hard to win 
  • The website is hard to navigate 
  • This game focuses more on luck than skill 
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