The Importance Of Ideal Resources and Tools To Empower Your Web Accessibility Team

If you want to present and live by an accessibility statement on your website, you must provide your team members with the ideal tools and resources. To ensure that your website is accessible to people with disabilities, your designing, development, and content teams must receive adequate tools and training.


Providing adequate training to your teams will ensure that they understand the legal requirements of an ADA compliant website for the company. The training will also empower them with the latest ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines needed to optimize your website accessibility. These training sessions will also enable them to formulate the right strategies required to make the content more accessible. The training sessions can be divided based on the technical skill requirements of the workforce.

For example, some teams will need training regarding the legal implications of accessibility. Other team members might need further training to operate and test the web accessibility solutions. Empathy exercises can also prove helpful for your teams to understand the challenges faced by people living with disabilities. It can motivate your team members to achieve a higher level of success in implementing accessibility solutions.

There are many training resources and guides available on the internet that can be used in your sessions. These resources can also provide the opportunity to learn directly from experts. Some online training portals have sessions led by instructors who are programmers or developers and are well versed with the latest ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines. These sessions can also be useful in train-the-trainer sessions.

Accessibility Tools

Accessibility tools are essential resources you can provide to your teams. There are many reputed web accessibility solution providers that can supply the ideal compliance software for your organization. 

Some accessibility providers like accessiBe provide ADA compliant websites through automation accessibility through both a front end client widget and a robust back-end engine solution that remediates that need little interference so that your teams can work independently. Other providers like Userway provide only a front web client-based solution that gives partial accessibility, but on the upside, it’s free and instant.

The software also provides testing tools that can scan your website content periodically to find violations. These automated tools must test your website accessibility for assistive technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and Braille readers. These testing tools must be accompanied by the resources required to fix the issues. Some types of content, such as PDFs need more robust solutions. If there are problems with your Content Management System (CMS), your teams must have access to resources to rectify the accessibility issues with the templates, plugins, or widgets. The ideal accessibility tools must be automated yet have flexible features that grant access to codes to modify parameters.

Many companies have specific web accessibility requirements. To ensure that your teams can optimize your website, they must have access to customized AI-powered solutions that can meet your specifications. Automated AI-powered solutions are most effective when they are deployed in the development process and can be applied directly to the codes. These solutions must also fit into the operations and practices of your designing and content teams without causing any interruptions. The software should also work on all kinds of platforms, frameworks, and tech stacks so that they can get tested for compatibility.

Once the solution gets integrated within the script of your website, it works with each layer of information. The interface gives maximum accessibility to the interface according to the needs of the user. The platform provides an array of solutions that can be used to modify the presentation of the website. Different options are present for users with visual impairments, cognitive disorders, and any other kind of disability. These options can be used with different types of assistive technologies to enhance the accessibility of your website. Also consider the solutions avaible with the best proposal software.

The solution also comes with a library of installation guides that can be used to train your team to achieve seamless integration. It automatically makes all the web content accessible within 48 hours of integration and also tests future content automatically.

Some testing tools produce compliance reports that can be confusing. Ideal solutions provide reports that are easily understandable and can be rectified by team members who are new to accessibility. If you wish to ensure that you have an efficient accessibility team, you must provide them the right training and equipment. It will help them to develop the required skills and formulate strategies to optimize accessibility at your organization and its digital presence.

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