The Hype With CasiTabi Casino, A Japanese RPG

CasiTabi is an online casino that is very different from all others. Whilst you will no doubt read a lot of reviews reviewing casinos to be “unlike any other” or “truly unique,” it can be truthfully said that the CasiTabi is just this.

CasiTabi is designed to appeal to the Japanese market and allows its players to engage in role-play games whilst gambling. If you do not live in Japan or speak Japanese but you would still like to try a unique casino experience like this, then there is the Casino Heroes online site that is the sister of CasiTabi. It allows a very similar experience that is not unique to the Japanese market. Check outカジ旅オンラインカジノ/ for some additional information to this article!

CasiTabi offers users more of an in-depth and involved experience than typical casinos tend to do. There are truly not a lot of casinos that offer role-play games to their users. The games that are on CasiTabi are in abundance, and there’s a very good variety too.

All of the games on CasiTabi come with a narrative as well, meaning that the players of the games have to complete new level successfully before they win the games. This makes the gambling experience very different to what it traditionally and usually is – it’s not a case of simply betting you money and either a win or loss – far more user interaction is required here!

Great Features of CasiTabi

Licensed – even though CasiTabi is optimized for players form the Japanese market, it’s owned and licensed by Casino Saga Limited from Malta.

It’s a truly different playing experience from the norm – playing games interactively and progressing through different levels, and role-play is not normal from online gambling sites. CasiTabi aims to move players away from traditional casino gaming.

Each of the games on CasiTabi allows players to gain different numbers of points at different levels, and on completion of each level, players can progress to higher levels each with new opportunities and advantages. CasiTabi even allows players to pick their own profile picture/avatar – it’s truly an involved and personal gaming experience.

Rewarding – even though CasiTabi may offer a unique gameplaying experience to users just as with any video game, there is also the opportunity for some great wins to be made. It allows games to be played and money to be won from them in a safe and unique environment.

Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority as well as the Curacao Government.

Are there any known downsides to the CasiTabi Casino?

Many users of CasiTabi have said that the customer support service that CasiTabi operates leaves an awful lot to be desired. For the Japanese customers that use it, it only has operatives available to speak to in real-time between the hours of 5 pm and 2 am – not at all useful. It has also been reported that even the customer service that does exist during these times could be an awful lot better. 

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