The Growing Popularity Of Social Casinos

Change is constant in the gambling world. Casinos are constantly innovating to keep the ball rolling and footfalls coming. First, there were the land casinos, which introduced glitz and glamor to the world. Then came online casinos, which promised the same experience without leaving the comfort of your homes. After that, there were mobile casinos, which offered a new, on-the-go, interactive experience, and PayPal online casinos, that showed players how fast and easy gambling transactions can be. The new kid on the block these days are the social casinos.

Social casinos are nothing, but a mix of elements from the social media and social gaming with some formulas of the casino world thrown in for fun. The social games are free and are kind of considered as a test run for the real gambling world as they give the players excellent grounding skills. Players can play these games easily on any social network like Facebook, and a majority of them are compatible across all devices.

And there is variety as well on these casinos. You can find all the high-innovative games such as the slots, various table games, video poker, bingo, keno, and more. Some of the popular social casino games include DoubleU Casino by DoubleU (South Korea), Slots Casino by House of Fun by Pacific Interactive (UK), Scatter Slots by Murka (Ukraine), and Slots – Huuuge Casino by Huuuge Games (Poland).

Land casinos, as well as online casino operators, have realized the growing importance of attracting quality traffic through the social casinos and are increasingly collaborating with them, all to the players’ benefit. Let’s find out the underlying reasons for their popularity.

Why are social casinos suddenly all the rage?

No stakes game

To a first-timer, gambling without making a profit sounds like a raw deal. But people are indulging in it big-time, and these casinos are seeing an insane amount of traffic. As per Statista, mobile social casino generated $3.46 billion in 2017 and the figure is expected to reach $5.89 billion in 2022.

Since there is no money exchanging hands, players play freely with no stakes. If they are not getting Richie Rich-rich, they also don’t need to worry about the risk of gambling draining their finances.

A new fun activity

Millennials and Gen Z are always on the lookout for new entertainment avenues. Social casinos have emerged as the new “it” avenue where players come to relax and have fun. Players can just play the games directly on Facebook where most of the action happens. And a majority of the players are introduced to these casinos through invites from friends/acquaintances.

While a major number of invites are turned down, it looks like some do accept them, and collectively such gamers total almost 11 million users on any given day.

Devoid of regulatory or social hassles

A major reason why social casinos have become popular is that they aren’t bound by any regulatory hassles. Gambling with real money is banned in a lot of countries. As social casinos don’t involve any real money, players from the banned countries can also participate and play actively. Consequently, there is no social stigma attached as well.

In-game ads

Social casinos are good for players, but they are proving to be even better for the casino operators. They profit a lot from these casinos via selling targeted ads. They also throw in a lot of in-game benefits, boosters, coins and virtual goods for the players. And a lot of players are actually using real money to buy these as they make the gaming fun. You can also buy Instagram followers to watch you play. For players on the social casinos, it’s all about success and making a name for themselves and not money. And casinos are joining in all the fun.

Comfort zone

Last, but not the least, social casinos act as a comfort zone for the players. There are a lot of amateur players on these casinos who are just looking for a safe environment where they can hone their skills and take guidance from people they can trust before they go out and play for real money.


Social casinos are not just a fad anymore, they are offering a fresh perspective on gambling and competition, in general, emphasizing on the clean and healthy factor. It’s allowing casino operators to reach out to a whole new set of demographics of players, and also delivering significant benefits to the players, in return.

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