Biggest Announcements From Ubisoft At E3 2018

One of the most highly anticipated events the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo comes from the powerhouse Ubisoft. Coming straight from the release of Far Cry 5 and its first DLC Ubisoft made a point to show they are not slowing down in the slightest. From brand new titles to highly anticipated sequels Ubisoft proved why they are a tentpole in the gaming industry. Let’s check out some of the biggest announcements we saw during the Ubisoft presentation.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

To some gamers, this sequel might as well be a brand new title. It has been fifteen years since the release of Beyond Good and Evil which follows Jade, an investigative journalist, and martial artist, as she uncovers a planet-wide conspiracy while embedded with a rebel group.

This open-world sequel, however, is actually a prequel. Little has been revealed about the narrative nature of the game but based on the trailer there will be a massive open world for you to explore both on foot, in a ship or flying by your own superpower or high tech jetpack.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

While not much has been revealed about Starlink we do no know it will be a new space shooter and yes, the switch version will feature STAR FOX. In addition to being a new title, Starlink is also the first game to introduce modular and collectible Nintendo Switch controller add-ons. After seeing the reveal at E3 it seems this game will feel like a mix between the poorly received No Man’s Sky and the struggling Mass Effect series. Hopefully, Ubisoft can learn from the mistakes of those recent releases and make Starlink as timeless as Starfox.

Skull & Bones

It seems Ubisoft enjoyed developing the Assasins Creed IV Black Flag because they have just announced a new title called Skull & Bones which strictly follows the crew of a cutthroat Pirates. When the Empire decides to crush the Pirate threat your crew must band together to survive. Build ships and sink your enemies as you fight to secure enough treasure to form your own empire.

The early beta for the game has been announced and will feature players teaming up to take down impressive adversaries. It feels a lot like the title’s version of a Raid.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Speaking of Raids, by far one of the most anticipated games announced by Ubisoft at E3 was the sequel to The Division, The Division 2. Fans of this third person, open-world shooter should be excited to learn Raids will be coming to The Division 2. These raids will allow you to team up with your friends to take on challenges and enemies the likes of which the game has never seen before. Additionally, specialty weapons are coming to the game. Of these three weapons, one is a crossbow which makes sense as it has been a popular addition to most recent shooters.

Rainbow Six Documentary: Another Mindset

The Rainbow Six team was at E3 this year after their release of the new operation Para Bellum. They were excited to announce Rainbow Six has now reached 35 Million players. To mark the significance of this accomplishment the Rainbow team revealed a trailer for a new Documentary titled Another Mindset which follows some of the top players from around the world and the impact the game has had on them and their community.

There will be many more announcements coming from the E3 conference over the next couple days. We will bring you more updates as they happen.

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