The Grill for the Outdoor Cooking Nerd: The Kamado Cooker

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Men and women can thank Japan for the kamado cooker. These egg-shaped barbecues are made of ceramic and offer increased versatility when compared to conventional barbecues. In addition, they are easy to use and maintain, leaving the owner with more time to enjoy the fun things in life.

A kamado grill functions as a grill, smoker, and roaster. A person can prepare an entire meal using one device thanks to precise temperature control. The ceramic used in the grill’s construction allows the unit to retain heat for 12 hours or more. Very little charcoal is needed as well, so a person saves money by making the switch to this type of unit.

Features to Consider

When looking at kamado cookers, consumers need to consider several features. The size of the cooking surface plays a role in which device a person should purchase along with fuel efficiency. Evaluate the temperature range of each unit under consideration and look into the build quality. A person wants to ensure their grill will hold up with time and the quality of the materials used in its construction plays a role in this.

Fuel for the Grill

Men and women who purchase a kamado grill are told the unit uses charcoal. While that is true, it is not the briquettes used in conventional charcoal grills. Most manufacturers recommend using lump charcoal. This charcoal achieves higher temperatures and puts off a more pleasant aroma.

What should a person do with the briquettes they already have? It may seem reasonable to use them in the kamado grill until they are gone. However, doing so might void the manufacturer’s warranty, so always read the fine print on the documents that come with the grill. Using briquettes could be a costly mistake.

Avoid using instant-light charcoal varieties, and never use lighter fluid with a kamado grill. The fluid could make its way into the firebox, which contains uncoated ceramics. These ceramics absorb the fluid, so everything cooked on the grill will have a fuel taste to it.

Cooking Options

The kamado grill allows for both direct and indirect cooking. Any item can be cooked in the grill, which functions as a rotary heat furnace. The egg shape of the grill allows hot air to circulate uniformly within the tank. Use it as a conventional grill, roast meats and vegetables in the kamado grill, bake a cake, or smoke meat. The ideas are endless when a person chooses this device over a conventional grill.

Temperature Control

People often wonder how they can control the temperature in the cooker. Doing so is easy thanks to the vents found at the top and bottom of the unit. Open both vents to increase the temperature in the grill or close them to bring the interior temperature down. When you are done cooking, simply close both the vents and the lid. The lack of oxygen will lead to the fire going out.


Any person in the market for a new grill should consider a kamado cooker. While most people refer to this device as a grill, it is so much more than that. A person can cook entire meals using one device and do so outdoors. They don’t have to be trapped in the kitchen while family and friends are outside having fun. Learn more today to see if this type of grill is right for your needs. Many people will find it is.

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