The Best Data Only Plans Of 2021

Most people usually look for unlimited data for the workplace and the home. At this point, most people want to have enough data for the connection to any issue they go to or work. For the work, data assists in the video chat with the rest of the worker, sending the emails, and back up of your files. Therefore, the most critical factor is you are choosing the best unlimited data plan coverage. It is good to know what the best data-only plans are in Singapore. The following gives the best-unlimited 4G data plan ranging from T-Mobile to Google Fi.


EE provides unlimited data plans only on the SIM with the pay of the monthly phones. It comes with the two unlimited data for the SIM plans on the contract of twenty months. The plans come with the 4G and 50GB on a roaming allowance in Singapore. The main difference between the two unlimited data plans is that, whether you get one of the three, the brilliant benefit is added.


This was the last of the leading networks to start offering unlimited data. However, the complete data currently is available only on the SIM paying the monthly handset plan. The O2 unlimited plan comes without the speed restrictions on the included 4G data. There are two plans of unlimited data, unlimited text, and unlimited minutes for the one-month or twelve-month program. The free-roaming data in Singapore has a limit of 25GB per month, but some plans allow you to roam further and broader. It includes unlimited tethering, thus allowing for the sharing of the internet over a personal hotspot.


Three usually offer genuinely unlimited data only on the SIM, pay as you go and the monthly payment plan, and the unlimited mobile broadband plans. No restrictions on three unlimited data plans, thus allows you to tether as much data as possible. All of the plans are 4G ready without any extra cost, thus enables you to enjoy a high speed. It does not come with an additional extra charge on all of the plans and covers the seventy-one destinations in Singapore and beyond. The data roaming on three limits on the 20GB in Singapore roam goals, and the 12GB of the roam to the other destinations in the world.


This offers only the unlimited data SIM and phone plan, including the unlimited 4G data option. There is an available choice of the three plan types to offer different speeds for the full download. The unlimited lite plans usually provide the maximum rates on downloads of two Mbps. The unlimited comes at the speed of up to ten Mbps, and the maximum plans offer the maximum available speeds without restrictions that only benefit from the rates of the 4G plan.

Asda Mobile

This launched unlimited data plans later than most of the plans but is currently available along with the 4G speed by using the infrastructure of Vodafone. At the writing time, the network usually sells three different unlimited data for the thirty-day SIM-only plans allowing you to use the 4G networks signals. The only one that listed on the one hundred and fifty Mbps thus offer for the 4G networks where the other two networks are slower

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