The Best Casino Apps Are Not Owned By Trump

It seems like nothing is sacred anymore in American politics. No matter what side of the isle you land on there are bound to be moments of the campaign that have left you pink in the cheeks on behalf of your candidate. But truthfully I am not here today to discuss politics. Not explicitly at least.

Due to a recent strike by 54 employees at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino will be closing their doors forever. The Casino has lost millions of dollars thanks to the strike which seems to have not end in site. If Trump were a true businessman he should have invested in the best casinos which everyone knows are virtual.

Since the election has become such a toss up, what some might call  a gamble, I thought it appropriate we take a look at the top Casino apps. Maybe Trump will learn something and next time invest in US online casinos.

Top Casino Apps:

Slots HUUUGE Casino

Slots is a pretty straight forward slots simulator from Google Play. It features Billionaires league which allows players to compete for larger payouts, team play, exclusive games and of course better rewards.


Ever wanted to play bingo around the world, I know my grandmother has, now you can by  daubing your way through each city on the BINGO map. Play Seasonal and Bonus content that features special themes, fun BINGO patterns, higher payouts, faster ball calls, and more. Bingo Blitz is also brought to us by the Google Play store.

Zynga Poker: Texas Holdem

Ranking king on the Apple App store is Zynga Poker: Texas Holdem.

If you enjoy Texas Holdem this app is for you. It allows players to casually play the classic Texas Hold ‘Em Cash game or turn up the heat and play at higher stakes – the amount of skin you have in the game is up to you. The app now features Social Poker Experiences allowing you to play with friends across any platform as long as you sign in with Facebook.

As the election cycle spins on relieve some stress and practice the big November gamble with some digital risk first. Check out any of the recommended apps in both the Google Play and Apple App store today.

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