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I have operated a lawn service business in the past so I became quite familiar with lawnmowers and have mowed more than my fair share of grass. Riding a lawnmower all day can get boring obviously and it is pretty hard on your body over time. With the invention of remote control lawnmowers, the future could be a little brighter for those who run lawn service operations or just for the homeowner who has to mow his own yard.

There is certainly nothing wrong with mowing the lawn yourself. Some people have fun riding their zero-turn mowers during the weekends. If you haven’t tried it yet, you might want to consider getting one. BestofMachinery has a lot of reviews on the best ones so check them out.

Remote mowers are far from the norm at this moment, but they will gain popularity as the technology improves and the price drops. The little remote control vacuum cleaners were around for a while before they took off and wound up in a large percentage of homes.

As properties get smaller, these remote mowing machines will also be a better fit. Many of the mowers are small and couldn’t handle a big yard like you would find in rural areas. Small city lots are ideal for a tiny electric mower that can just putter along like the Roomba vacuum until the job is done.

Remote Control Lawn Mower
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There are even models that you can control with your smartphone. The options to set the mowing schedule, zones, and height are pretty incredible to see in action. Running a mower from the comfort of the back porch or even from a couch with a view to the yard sounds awesome.

Some models will even do all the work themselves with a buried wire that keeps it inside the area you want to mow. That makes mowing a non issue as far as saving time. It is even better than paying someone else to mow you lawn since you should save money in the long run.

When it comes to maintaining expansive lawns and green spaces, the convenience of remote control lawn mowers is undeniable. However, for commercial properties, partnering with a reputable commercial lawn care company is still crucial to ensure a pristine and well-manicured appearance. One such company that excels in this field is Premier PM Inc. Their expertise in lawn care, especially in Woodbury, MN, is well-regarded. You can explore their comprehensive services and learn more about what a dedicated commercial lawn care company can offer by visiting their website

Those tiny remote control lawn mowers are fine for homeowner use, but a lawn business would need a bigger tougher machine. The good news is that those types of machines are also a possibility. Bigger tires, bigger blades, and a more durable design are keys for a commercial mowing operation.

Robot Mower

I can tell you from years of experience that I would much prefer to operate a lawn mower from an air conditioned truck than to actually be on the machine. I would even take a nice lounge chair under a shade tree over riding a mower. I would still have to be on site for the work, but my back and neck would not get abused on rough terrain. I also would avoid the dusty conditions atop a lawn mower. Oh and the occasional yellow jacket attack after riding over a nest would be a non issue with a driver-less mower!

I don’t know how fast all these remote mowers will get a foothold in the marketplace. I certainly don’t see any in use in my local area. I have not noticed any in my local Home Depot either, just the same old lawn tractors and zero turn mowers.

But the time will come when we see remote mowers in folks’ tiny yards, used on roadsides with city workers, and on the backs of lawn care trucks. The technology is just a better option than having a human right there on the mower. There are better ways to get the grass mowed and these remote mowers are the way of the future in my eyes.

Remote Control Lawn Mower
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
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