The Benefits Of Drum Rug

You have to think about a drum rug even before you put a drum kit together. Once you installed the set, it would be hard to push the carpet underneath all the instruments. Although a drum rug may look like something you can easily live without, it provides numerous benefits for both a musician and the instrument, apart from protecting the floor.

Why Do You Need a Drum Rug?

As a musician, you understand the importance of maintaining a clean and organized practice space. One essential aspect of this is ensuring that your carpets are fresh and free of dirt. Professional services like carpet cleaning Dallas can help you achieve this goal, allowing you to focus on perfecting your craft.

Since drum carpets are rarely glamorous and eye-catching, drummers can easily forget them after the performance on the stage. Before purchasing a specialized item, some performers had coped with the carpets from their parents’ houses. A drum rug doesn’t make you a better drummer than you already are. Nevertheless, it is a valuable asset in your collection of musical instruments. It offers the following benefits:

drum set stacked on a carpet with guitar
  • Stability of the bass drum, which won’t creep around the floor. You can’t play for a long time if you have a slippery floor and instruments that can’t stay still;
  • Location of hardware. The rug helps you place all the instruments in the kit as it was originally planned. You can even mark the place for each instrument, so during your performance in the club or anywhere else, you will be able to quickly arrange the drum kit in its usual place;
  • Overall look. With the carpet that was originally made for drums, you look like a real professional. The rug outlines your personal territory as well;
  • Safety of your floor’s cover. Let’s admit that leaving the marks on a newly polished floor sounds like a real disaster. A drum rug was invented to prevent the floor from scratches caused by the stand and drums. It may be vital in case you have to practice in rented places;
  • Sound absorption. It does not absorb all the sounds you make with the drums; don’t worry. However, it may help you avoid the neighbors’ complaints when you decide to master your drumming art early in the morning. You may choose a thicker rug for your practices.

Choosing a Drum Rug

Before you order the rug or ask your mom to give you an old one from the attic, think about your main goals. If your main priority is to protect the floor from scratching, any carpet is good, and if you have more services in mind, pay some time to explore the market. Consider the next features:

drum set installed on a drum rug
  • Portability. Your carpet has to be lightweight and easy to roll up in case you have to transport it. If you intend to use the carpet only in one place, you don’t have to worry about this characteristic;
  • Tight grip. If you have a slippery floor, think about the carpets with rubber at the bottom. Your drums shouldn’t run away while you are practicing;
  • Size of the rug. Depending on the number of instruments in your drum kit, measure the size of the future rug. It must be neither too small nor extra-large;
  • Quality. The problem with an old rug is that it may easily fall apart while you are vigorously performing the beats. Make sure that your carpet is reliable.

The Perfect Rug

Don’t underestimate a good drum rug at your home. It will be helpful both in your daily practice and during the concert. Pay attention to the features you want to get from it and pick the one you need the most. Keep in mind that you can buy several items for different occasions.

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