9 Best Instagram Video Marketing Tips

The Instagram algorithm favors video to images. If you want to beat your competition and generate more engagement and sales on Instagram, you can’t just create images as you did in the past. You need to accompany them with more videos. Yes, creating videos requires more effort. This is why to simplify things for you, I have shared my top tips below…

Follow trends 

One of the keys to going viral on Instagram is to create content on trendy topics. Trendy content tends to rank for relevant hashtags and on the explore page. People are also more likely to engage with trendy content. This is why pay attention to the latest trends on Instagram and see what is trending and if videos on those trends are doing well. Then brainstorm content topics that help you take advantage of the trends in a unique way. After that, you can pick the best topics and create your videos. 

Keep it short:

While creating in-feed videos for pages on Instagram, most people like to take advantage of the full 60 seconds that Instagram offers. But research shows that attention spans are low on Instagram. People want something quick to watch. This is why you should limit your videos to less than 30 seconds. 

Create different types of content

One of the great things about Instagram is that you can create different types of video content like stories, reels, in-feed videos, ads, and IGTV. Take advantage of all of them instead of only sticking to one type of content. For best results, create more reels right now as Instagram is rewarding reel creators with more exposure. This new type of content helps them better compete with TikTok. 

Add thumbnails

People have the option to turn off autoplay. Instead of seeing the video play, users will see a thumbnail. This is why if you want more views, you should create an attractive thumbnail that gets more clicks. You can easily create this by taking a still from the video and placing some overlay text like the title of the video on it. 

Make sure you experiment with different types of thumbnails to see what works. 

Optimize for mobile:

Most people use Instagram on mobile devices, via the app. This is why you should optimize for mobile viewing. Before you share your video on your page, publish it on a test page and view it to see how it looks on a mobile phone. If it looks good, you can share it on your official page. Otherwise, you will need to make some modifications. 

Add subtitles:

A huge percentage of mobile users watch your videos on mute. This is why you should optimize videos for silent viewing by adding subtitles. Make sure you use an easy-to-read font and also optimize the text for mobile viewing.  The easiest way to do it is to use software that will do it automatically. Maestra software can generate subtitles instantly.

Use hashtags

Instagram video marketing isn’t just about the video. You should place an emphasis on other parts such as the caption and description. So, spend an ample amount of time writing these parts and also add hashtags. They can seriously boost your exposure and help you drive more views. 

Promote the video

Just because videos do better, you won’t automatically drive a ton of views. You need to aggressively promote them too. Dedicate several hours every week to promote your videos. These should include free methods like influencer outreach and paid methods like ads. Most people don’t promote their videos and that’s why they don’t drive enough interactions. 

If you want to outdo the competition, you need to promote way more than them. The top influencers and brands follow the 20/80 rule on Instagram. This is where they spend 20% of their time creating content and 80% promoting. That’s how serious they are!

Pay attention to analytics

After you promote the video you should pay attention to the analytics to see which videos are driving the most views, likes, and comments. You can then create content on similar topics and generate even more views instead of relying on guesswork and hoping for the best. 


These are the best Instagram video marketing tips you should know. Implement them today to boost your presence and attract more followers and sales. 

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