11 Best Free Software to Download YouTube Videos

Download Youtube videos using software

Today’s article is dedicated to those users who are looking for some of the best software to Download YouTube Videos to save them to hard disk so that they don’t have to stream their favorite videos again and again or those who need a youtube to mp4 converter.

Download Youtube videos usinf software

To those who are greatly fond of watching movies, videos and passing their time with these entertainment sources we have something very exciting to which they really appreciate. Here in this article we have some free software to download YouTube videos which will help you in many ways. And YouTube is the only video watching website which we will open when we first want to watch any video. That’s why we call it as a universal video hub for all kinds of videos.

I’m definitely sure that you will be satisfied with all these YouTube videos Downloader tools that are going to be discus here in this article.

1. Orbit Downloader

A high speed downloader specifically uses to download YouTube videos vastly as well as free from the internet. It generally supports YouTube videos as these have https, FTP and many other protocols. In this you can download any type of videos.

2. RealPlayer SP

An amazing video downloading software as it have many features which you need to download your videos like it is easy to use, free and fast. Also it can convert and copy the downloaded videos into iTunes, iPod etc. i.e. Mobile formats.

3. Miro

High Definition videos are the basic requirement we want and you will be happy to hear that this software can download the HD videos as well as it is free open source software.

4. xVideoServiceThief

This is a software very suitable for downloading videos simultaneously from the web. This software will satisfy you by giving a pure YouTube Downloader.

5. BS.Player

A best media player as well as it has been translated into more than 90 languages and used by more than 70 million users. From this you can make an approx why it is so much use by a number of high users as it is a fully featured media player.

6. Vuze

It is a software basically works to search the videos and then download it from any of the website and also called as a free bit torrent based application with advanced HD Videos.

7. TubeMaster++

This could be say like it is the best of all as it not only searches and download but also convert them in the format they should be. This is the profit to use this software besides others.

8. Applian Replay Media Catcher 4

Applian Replay Media Catcher 4 is called as the world’s most powerful tool to download video and mp3. This act as video Downloader, media converter and MP3 grabber at a time.

9. My Video Downloader HD

My Video Downloader HD is YouTube and MySpace downloading software that allows you to download video from YouTube, MySpace and more and then converts the video to ANY popular video format.

10. VDownloader

It’s another amazing software to download videos from popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, Blip.tv, MegaVideo, Veoh, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Google Video, Yahoo Video and more. And if you save a video to your hard disk with VDownloader, you’ll be sure to find it again when you want to show it to your friends or family.

11. aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is a tool for Windows PCs that lets you download videos from YouTube and other popular video sites. You are also able to convert videos from one format to another with the program, among other cool features.

So these are the best YouTube video Downloader software, but if you feel this is not a complete list and something is missing from this list. Please share with us.

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