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We’ve all heard of a smartwatch by this point. Just like cellphones, it is no longer used for its main function. You can use a smartwatch for all types of reasons, depending on the model. Right now, there is a small company that is trying to introduce something completely different.

klatz band open

Introducing the Smart Bracelet By .klatz

Just like a hinged bracelet, the device wraps around your wrist. Instead of being there just for looks, this bracelet is secretly a phone. When someone calls, it lights up and shows you the number of the caller.

The bracelet opens up wide enough to reach your ear and mouth. One end is the receiver and the other is where you speak.

When you receive a call or notification, it will vibrate your wrist. You will know the difference by how long the vibration goes.

One good thing about the device is that it is securely locked around your wrist. You have to push a button on the side of the ring in order to release it.


Benefits of The Smart Bracelet

There is certainly a convenience factor to a phone that is on your wrist. You will be less likely to set your phone down and leave it somewhere. Take it off to answer, and then put it right back when you are done.

This is also a perfect solution for when you do not have pockets. Those that enjoy running would benefit from this. A lot of women’s clothing, such as dresses, do not have pockets.

Product Features to Be Aware Of

All startup products have some features that are missing. The smart bracelet is no different in this area. For one thing, it does not have an adjustable band.

However, they plan to make the device in the sizes: small, medium, large, and xlarge. This can be problematic for some individuals with extremely small or large wrists.

The device is not waterproof. That can be a problem if you are around water much. Just think, you lose your mind for a minute and stick your hands in a sink of water. Maybe rice can help.


How Can You Get Your Hands on One

At this point, the device has not been manufactured. It is still in the funding stage. If you really want to get your hands on this, you will have to wait for them to finish raising the funds.

The company .klatz has raised only a small portion of the needed funds. They closed out the contributions to the Indiegogo account on November 14 of this year. If you want to find out how you can contribute, contact the owner Roman Yarovyi here: Indiegogo

This is definitely a product to keep your eyes peeled for. Just think, it could open the doors for all kinds of futuristic devices. When this guy gets his project off the ground, other companies may pick up similar designs. It is something to look forward to.

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