7 Ways to Conquer the Iron Banner on Destiny at Level 20

Some of the special events that Destiny has to offer are laughable at best. For some, the Iron Banner is one of them. Although the weapons aren’t very appealing to those who have leveled up already, you do get to work on your Crucible levels [or your special group, like FWC] while actually getting to use your level advantages.

Fly Into the Iron Banner

If you’re stuck playing the Iron Banner with a bunch of Level 30 players and you’re a more humble Level 21, then you’ve got to out-think your competition because their weapons are generally going to make you cry into the cold pepperoni pizza that is sitting in front of you. Here is how you can turn the weakness of being at a lower level into somewhat of an advantage.

#1. Don’t Run Around Like a Streaker

You’ll notice that the higher level Destiny players tend to fit into two categories: they either find a creative perch to snipe off unsuspecting noobs one at a time or they run around like a crazy streaker on Frosh night as they hunt you down with exotic weapons you are still trying to earn. Option 2 isn’t going to help you very much unless you’ve got exotic weapons to match. That means finding a good spot to pick off players as they come by.

With the recent Destiny patch, finding good spots has become a little more difficult. The full-time players also know the best spots and will ice you faster than an immigration official trying to fill a last minute quota before a pending executive order. Keep your wits, stay smart, and you’ll get a few kills to support your team.

#2. Don’t Keep Leaving Games

The Iron Banner awards medallions if you’re a loser instead of a winner. So what if you get put onto a team that’s losing by 8,000 points? Get the medallion and double up your win the next time. You can get up to 5 medallions for bonuses and they all pay off in the end. Have a little respect for your fellow players and you might just build up a solid fireteam that can help you earn more rewards in the future.

#3. Invest In a Heavy Weapon

Heavy weapons are what equal the playing field in the Iron Banner. From zombie machine guns to massive rocket launchers, you can triple down the field and earn your Merciless badge pretty quickly. For the average, round, you’ll have the heavy weapon ammo delivery about the same time you’ll become supercharged. Use the heavy weapon ammo first. If you use your special ability and get whacked somehow, you’ll lose both.

You don’t want to lose both. Trust me. Bringing a scout rifle to a rocket launcher party is a bad, bad idea.

#4. Have a Bounty Strategy

It’s Day 3 of the Iron Banner as I’m writing this and I’m about midway through Level 2. That’s not too bad considering I’ve only put about 6 total hours into the tournament so far. Part of the reason for the faster advancement is that bounty strategy is important. You’ll get the same bounties every day. Pay a Mote of Light to get your point enhancer and target the bounties you’re best at. I ignore the auto rifle bounty because I can control that weapon about as much as I can control my angry 3 year old who wants chocolate pudding.

Fulfill Your Destiny

I might find success, but I’m going to pay for it.

Instead I get the machine gun headshot bounty out of the way as soon as possible. On a good round, you can also clear out the headshot spree bounty at the same time. Thanks to the recent increase to 10 bounties you can hold in your inventory, it’s also possible to fulfill Crucible bounties at the same time you’re doing the Iron Banner. It’s a win/win/win when you go back to the Tower to turn in all your loot!

#5. Use the Team Communication Channel

If one team is talking to each other and you’ve got no idea what is going on, then that’s a recipe that will get you slaughtered. Use the team communication channel so that you can coordinate a more precise attack. Think about flanking your competition instead of running into Zone B head on when you’re on Mars.

You can pick up a Bluetooth communication device for your gaming hardware on the cheap these days. It’s worth the investment if you want to conquer the Iron Banner – especially when you’re ranked lower than everyone else.

#6. Don’t Walk In Front of a Shooting Player

Iron Banner is a team competition. Having points to help your team is great, but one hit will still give you an assist when your teammate gets the kill. Try not to walk in front of players that are shooting because you’ll just end up getting everyone blasted away in the end.

You need some cover in order to have protection. You also need a line of sight in order to support your teammate. Combining the two is pretty easy. Even ducking in front of a standing player can help both of you be able to get rid of the bad guy that’s headed your way. A better option is to find some high ground so you have lower and upper level support.

You’re Level 20. Most players will be in a better position to get the kill anyway. Let them and you’ll be more likely to build your Iron Banner rank.

#7. Weapon Choice Is Critical

As a hunter, I use the combination of a scout rifle and a shotgun primarily in the Iron Banner. This allows me to get good damage on long distance shots, yet a quick kill in close quarters if necessary. If you’re Level 20 and going up against someone who is Level 30, then try to bring an upgraded weapon into the tournament. Those wimpy uncommon guns just don’t make the grade unless you get lucky.

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