5 Ways To Improve Life At the Office With Technology


Sitting at a cubicle, surrounding by your co-workers, doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. Sure – there will always be the stress of a grumpy boss or an overdue project, but there are ways that you can limit this stress thanks to today’s modern technology. Here are some easy ways that you can improve your work life starting as soon as today.

Office Technology

#1. Sometimes less is more. Technology can be as bad as it is good. You’ve got your work emails, personal social media notifications, game push notifications, and the urge to blast some bad guys on the latest shooter at home all filling your head. Look for technology that will let you change how your notifications are received so that you aren’t forced to keep shifting your attention off of a project that is due.

#2. Add some personal touches. An office that has no personal items is an office that is devoid of life. Look for technology items that have a useful purpose, yet still give you a feeling of coming to a home away from home every working day. From solar operating elves that wave cheerfully at your boss to robotic plants to automatic Post-It note dispensers, you’ve got plenty of options available today to apply that personal touch.

#3. Find your inspiration. Technology should inspire your creativity instead of feeling like it is cumbersome or a responsibility. Items that encourage social interactions with co-workers and even your boss will naturally enhance the amount of contentment that is felt at work. Maybe you can’t afford the Apple Watch, but the latest app on your iPhone or a digital photo album could be what is needed to strike up a conversation.

If apps are your thing, then a music app could be the perfect way to shift your focus for a moment or two to inspire creativity. PocketGuitar is just $0.99 and allows you to strum or pluck guitar strings and you can even play your own chords if you want.

#4. Have something that lets you fiddle. Adults actually think better when there is something that can be in their hands to fiddle with while they’re trying to learn a new skill or solve a difficult problem. BeatBots take that idea to the next level. They create interactive characters that can live at your cubicle and respond to your commands. If you need to free your mind from stress for a minute, telling a robot to dance does a pretty good job.


#5. Get some exercise while sitting at your cubicle. A little exercise can go a long way to making the work environment a happier place. Now you could get a treadmill desk or something that helps to keep you standing up while working, but with modern technology, you can do better. The mini-cycle is a great option because it is low impact, fits underneath your cubicle, and allows you to exercise while you work. You also won’t have to worry about falling off of your desk either.

Office Treadmill

It is possible to improve life at the office thanks to modern technology. These options are just the beginning of what you could do. How have you made it more fun to spend the 9-5 grind at a small cubicle?

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