Sleep Diary And 3 Reasons To Maintain One

It has been observed that most people do not get enough sleep during the night and this is one of the important reasons why they feel extremely sleepy even when they are going for work. If you are facing trouble when you are going to sleep every night and it is extremely difficult for you to fall asleep, there is some problem that you are going through. It ideally means that you may have a sleep disorder. The question is: how can you improve sleep quality?

The sleep diary is responsible for keeping the record of the sleeping patterns as well as the habits of an individual, which can help physicians to diagnose a particular sleep disorder. The diary can also help in determining whether a study related to sleep needs to be prescribed. Most people do not understand as to why they should be keeping a sleep diary. You might be wondering how can keeping a sleep diary help you? Given below is a list of the reasons why maintaining a sleep diary is a must.

The diary will provide insights into sleeping patterns

Sometimes, you are not able to sleep at night not because you have a sleep disorder but your sleeping habits are bad. According to, almost 50 million US adults have sleep disorders.

For instance, if you are drinking caffeine after lunch hour or you prefer drinking alcohol right before sleeping, you may have a difficult time trying to sleep. Even if your hygiene is not proper, it will be extremely difficult for you to sleep perfectly. When you maintain a sleep diary, it will be easier for you to understand your sleeping pattern. As you notice the problems, you will be able to make improvements. Changing your behavior will help you to sleep well during the night.

You will start getting proactive regarding sleep

When you start maintaining a journal, it will be easy for you to understand the significance of sleep. This is going to help you to understand those things that will help in promoting sleep as opposed to deterring from it. When you look at the sleeping habits and patterns, you will find many ways to change your behavior to improve your sleep quality.

You might find that cutting down on caffeine helps, as could drinking chamomile tea, almond milk, and tart cherry juice, as these can help in boosting sleep. There are several proven supplements to help sleep as well. You will also change the time of drinking alcohol. In short, the diary is going to help you in taking care of your sleeping habits and track your sleeping patterns regularly.

It can allow your doctor to make a proper diagnosis

You might be maintaining your sleep diary for quite a long time. If you see that your sleeping patterns are perfect but you are not able to get enough rest at night, you should understand that it is time to visit a doctor. There are several sleep disorders where it may disturb your sleep such as sleep apnea. Devices like O2Vent Optima are widely popular now for treatments of sleep apnea. You might need a CPAP machine to aid you in your sleep. When you show your diary to the doctor, he can detect a sleep disorder. It is extremely important that you get your sleep disorders checked or you are going to have a hard time trying to fall asleep. When you maintain a sleep diary, the doctor will understand the problems that you might be going through.


A sleep diary can help in mending your sleeping patterns and habits. It is suggested that you maintain a sleep diary so that you can take care of your habits and patterns.

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