Gaming For Your Health

Some video games are promoted as being good for the brain.

Even though most gamers have never really given the constant negative opinions their full attention, many believe that gaming can only provide adverse effects. However, recent studies have proved quite the opposite. Whether gamers are indulging in games such as League of Legends and purchasing leveled accounts from, or favor games that boast enhanced violence, you may be surprised to know that there are proven benefits for both stress and relaxation.

This means that the beloved passed time actually serves as so much more than merely an enticing hobby. Here are some of the incredibly unbelievable benefits that gamers are able to take advantage of.

Increase in Memory Capacity And Intellect

Most games require players to utilize their problem-solving abilities. While certain games actually enhance player memory capacity, it could be concluded that the overall stimulation of certain challenging games would logically stimulate brain functions and boost overall mental functions. This means that while many claim gaming would result in negative mental functions, quite the opposite is more realistically true. It has been discovered that your mind can be strengthened by gaming. By playing video games, your intellect is boosted. Studies confirmed the fact while testing non-gamers with gamers in a series of short-term memory tests as gamers scored on average much higher.

Stress And Pain

Stress is often considered a silent condition as many who suffer from chronic stress would agree that every aspect of their lives is affected by the overlooked issue. From battling to sleep and trouble eating to inability to focus, stress is an ongoing problem for many young working professionals. Luckily, gaming has proved to offer beneficial effects for those battling with stress. As detailed studies have confirmed that individuals suffering from stress mostly showed a dramatic increase in relaxation after playing just a few minutes of even violent games, opting to indulge in World of WarCraft for an hour after work can be a positive method of effectively reducing stress.

Studies conducted on gamers that experience chronic pain found that a very high percentage of these gamers participating in 3D games, reported reduced anxiety or pain caused by chronic illness or recent medical procedures. This is because the game is your focal point, not your pain while the experience employs your visual and other senses.

Aid For Post-Traumatic Stress

Certain games such as Tetris have been used to help car accident victims overcome the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Even though games depicting even minimal violence may not be appropriate for individuals hoping to reduce PTSD symptoms, there are several mobile games and console games that would be incredibly helpful. Considering up to 60% of patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have reported that playing Tetris for half an hour a day reduced their flashbacks, gaming may be more beneficial than harmful in general.

Backed By Science

Scientific studies and research over the years have backed up the long-held belief of enthusiasts that gaming is not the destructive past time it’s detractors make it out to be. Pointing out a few of these results to those non-believers in your circle of friends and family may even spark a change in heart.

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