Rainbow Six Siege Newest DLC Operation Chimera Revealed

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has gained a cult-like following since it’s release back in 2015. The attack, defend format of the games online multiplayer experience, along with the combination of individual skill and team tactics has been much to thank for it’s continued success. Ubisoft has announced the first DLC to come to Rainbow Six in 2018. The four-week event known as Operation Chimera kicks off March 6th and will be available on Xbox, PS4 and PC. But thanks to the Technical Test Servers many fans are getting a peek at what they can expect from this exciting new event.

Operation Chimera

Like many first-person shooters, Rainbow Six Siege has decided to create a zombie-like opponent for gamers to face off against in this explosive new DLC but what will set it apart from other games will be the use of strategy, teamwork and of course, the right operator.

Operation Chimera introduces two new operators to your line up. Finka and Lion are both members of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Threat Unit and were fully revealed only recently. Finka, like Doc, will be equipped with a STEM pen but will be able to revive downed teammates anywhere on the map as well as provide a 20HP boost to the rest of the team.

The second new face coming to Rainbow Six is Lion. When using Lion as an Operator you will be able to pilot a drone with X-Ray vision capable of identifying and outlining enemies exact location and physical position. However, there is a cool down time required for scanning and the detection only lasts four seconds.


The new Zombie based co-op mode appears to have a slight alien twist to the story which should be a nice reprieve from endless rounds of COD’s Nazi Zombies. Outbreak will feature several new maps, missions and loot boxes which should be supplied in the form of Alpha Packs.

Ubisoft has also announced starting March 6th, along with the release of Chimera, all twenty of the base Operators will become available for free. Additionally, all weapon attachments will also be able to be used without unlocking them.  This move sets Rainbow Six well on it’s way to introducing the 100 Operators they stated will eventually be released. We should expect to see many new characters coming to the game in its third year.

Fans can also keep an ear out for news on the new PvP mode called Pick & Ban. Spawn locations will be picked prior to picking your Operator and you can select two Operators to ban from your opposing team for the entire Match. However, the opposing team will also be banning two of your operators from use. This new PvP mode and other patches are expected to be seen soon after the March release.

Technical Test Servers

Operation Chimera is live on the Technical Test Servers until March 2nd and it looks great.

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