7 Organizations That Help Businesses Contribute To Reforestation Globally

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Trees are an essential part of life. We need it for the clean oxygen they provide and for the carbon dioxide they inhale, which is toxic to humans and wildlife. Forests are an important part of our ecosystem. They provide homes for animals, regulate global temperatures and even regulate how freshwater flows. 

Deforestation has left parts of the world in great danger. If there are no trees, life cannot grow. The deforestation statistics show that it is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and climate change. Therefore to combat this, we need to start planting more trees. 

7 Organizations That Help Businesses Contribute to Reforestation Globally 

Here is a list of 7 organisations that can help you contribute to restoring forests globally. 

Wetland International 

Wetlands are responsible for providing habitats and feeding grounds for animals, and they also filter toxins out of the water, buffer coastlines from extreme storms and absorb carbon dioxide. 

This organization’s purpose is to stop wetlands from disappearing due to the rise in global warming. They are also restoring original wetlands by asking for the help of people with their restoration projects.


Deforestation is increasing since around 15 million trees are chopped down annually. 1t.org is an organization which aims to plant 1 million trees worldwide by the year 2030. This means they are using people worldwide to join in their project and assist by mobilizing this reforestation plan. 

Sustainable Harvest International 

This organization focuses on implementing sustainable farming and creating environments that do not release toxins into the atmosphere with food production. 

They partner with farmers and plant trees, which can help start sustainable farming practices.  

World Wildlife Fund 

This organisation conducts studies and reports on wildlife that are threatened by global warming. These studies and reports can help guide companies to change their operations and help create better environmental policies. 

Re: Wild

This organisation aims to educate people on the wildlife inhabiting the earth and highlight the wildlife that has become extinct due to climate change and global warming. 

They create ecosystems that help wild and endangered species thrive and show how we depend on other species to survive. 

Conservation International

Conservation International’s main mission is to protect the global environment. They have conserved miles of land and marine areas. Using scientific knowledge, they turn to experts to help lead environmental projects.  

The Nature Conservancy 

The Nature Conservancy has more than 400 scientists to help you with the reforestation project of your choice. 

Whether you want to protect land environments, species or the deep sea, this organisation can help you by providing expert knowledge and guidance on conservation and restoration projects. 

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Importance of Planting Trees

Trees serve more than one purpose to provide us with clean, breathable air. 

Planting trees is especially important as it has more than one benefit and is the number one solution to reducing the negative effects climate change and global warming have on the environment, wildlife and humans. 

Climate change and global warming result from not caring for our forests. Areas such as The Amazon have provided us with natural resources that have sustained life for hundreds of thousands of years until deforestation came into play. 

Here are the benefits of reforestation. 

Trees Are A Renewable Energy Source

Besides the world running out of fossil fuels, trees can be a simple alternative to becoming a renewable energy source if harvested and treated sustainably. 

Trees Providing Shelter for Wildlife 

Trees also serve as a natural habitat for wildlife and are a food source for animals in the forest. Birds and bees usually build their nests in trees, and squirrels find shelter up high from predators. 

Trees Save Water and Prevent Water Pollution 

Trees provide shade, meaning water underneath the leaves evaporates much slower as they are out of the sunlight. This means that low vegetation might not need constant watering as crops that have been exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. 

Trees can also prevent water pollution. Stormwater often contains harmful toxins such as nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants that can flow into the oceans if no trees are in place to act as a filter. Trees can break the downpour during rainfall allowing water to be soaked into the soil instead and preventing water pollution. 

Trees Are Natural Air Conditioners

Where trees are planted, they provide shade, which cools down areas by blocking out the sun. They can also act as natural air conditioners in business areas if planted strategically where the sun shines the strongest. 

It will also reduce your carbon emissions as the trees are there to absorb the carbon dioxide before it is released into the environment. 

Trees Purify The Air and Reduce Climate Change

Trees absorb all toxic chemicals such as sulfur, ammonia, and nitrogen oxides. They can also absorb odours which gives off much cleaner, fresher and healthier air for humans to inhale. 

They also reduce climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen into the environment. Just like the trees clean the environment, we must take the necessary steps needed to ensure our homes are clean to ensure better health

Trees Reinforce Soil And Also Control Erosion

Trees help control soil erosion, as rain and wind are the main sources of soil erosion. Trees cover the soil from the wind and rain, lessening soil erosion chances. 

It enriches the soil by serving it with nutrients when dead leaves fall from trees, increasing soil fertility and preventing the soil from losing too much moisture. Take the latest developments where a tropical storm affected Southern California. By having enough trees in place, it will effectively control erosion. 


No matter where you are in the world, organizations are available to help your business make a difference regarding climate change and global warming through reforestation projects. 

Organizations include Wetland International, Conservation International, Re: Wild, The Wildworld Wildlife Fund, 1t.org, The Nature Conservancy, and Sustainable Harvest International are all groups that can help businesses contribute to global reforestation. 
Be sure to reach out to an organization listed above to help your business make the necessary changes to help reduce the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your business’s carbon footprint significantly. In doing so, your business becomes more sustainable and saves the environment.

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