No New Release From The MCU Is Hurting Disney Plus’s Reputation

Marvel’s fans were left in a state of shock when it was announced that no more MCU content will feature over the streaming giant Netflix. Disney Plus was announced as the new home for the MCU but the mouse house streaming service was not live at that time. Fans were still concerned about the future of MCU and how soon they would be able to stream any new MCU movies or TV series.

The Last TV Series from the MCU before 2021

Disney Plus launched in November 2019, but no new popular content title from the MCU was available over the streaming platform. One of the last MCU hits that aired online was Punisher on Netflix. After that, no new series was available for fans in the year 2020. This was something that has definitely put a dent on Disney Plus’s reputation.

Just recently, two new Marvel TV series have come on air on Disney Plus; WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This may serve as reconciliation and Disney may be able to clear off the negativity in the air. However, Disney Plus is still not available globally but it has started to expand its network quickly. MCU fans residing in regions where the service is not officially available yet can stream Disney Plus with a VPN. Hopefully, the mouse house will have its network spread globally soon.

The Break-in MCU Films

As for the movies from MCU, there hasn’t been anything new in theatres or for streaming on Disney Plus. Last year, the word about Punisher TV series hitting Disney Plus soon, came out and fans were excited about it. However, that rumor disappeared in thin air and nothing happened.

This is something that is hurting Disney Plus’s reputation. Marvels fans all around the world have never had to wait for new movies as MCU always had new things hitting the box-office back-to-back. However, currently the void (maybe due to the pandemic) has forced the fans to question Marvel and Disney Plus.

2020 was the year when not a single Marvel Cinematic Universe film was released by Marvel. This happened with Marvel the first time in 11 years. Not only was this a point to ponder for Marvel but Disney Plus should also have looked into it. The reason why I think Disney Plus should have done something is because theatres were closed worldwide due to the pandemic.

During the lockdown, online streaming platforms experienced a great surge in new users. Online streaming became the best option for entertainment throughout the world. Disney Plus’s competitor Netflix, released numerous TV shows and movies throughout the pandemic period, which was something not witnessed on Disney’s platform (specifically about MCU).

New MCU Film Coming on Disney+

The first MCU film we will get to see after 2019 is Black Widow that will be available in July this year. Marvel and Disney have planned to premier Black Widow on Disney Plus, which is something welcome warmly by the fans. Marvel and Disney have numerous other projects in the pipeline and we will surely get to see more of the MCU pretty soon. 

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