FIFA 21 Tips: Using The Following Defensive Plays To Win In The Ultimate Team

Defense is very crucial in the FIFA 21 game. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will find yourself on the court more often than you think. Relying on intuition will only make you go so far. Making a game plan will differentiate you from the average player.

Understanding the strengths of the roles is significant to understand the defense of their respective teams on the court. It is very important to choose a character suitable for its placement. If you complete the operation correctly, you will enjoy the game on another level.

In FIFA 21, defense is as important as offense. You can score as needed, but if you continue to abandon the goal on the other end, the goal will not be too far away. There are many ways you can limit the chances you admit and master some skills. The following will greatly improve your defensive ability. Here are ways to improve your defense in FIFA 21. If you want to buy FIFA coins, please click here the best site.

Standing tackles

With this tackle, the previous game became very unstable. Sometimes, you can use a defender to push a player into a wider court, or walk forward, and then start to screen the ball. This is a major change introduced by FIFA 21. You should benefit widely from it. When a fast winger pushes the ball in front of them, in order to use speed to defeat the defense, the defender will now have his own counterattack ability. Using a standing tackle is good for you, it should allow your central defender and even a potential midfielder to control.

Cut the passing path

The fundamental occupation of your CDM is to diminish paths. While controlling the CDM, attempt to foresee the rival’s best course of action. On the off chance that it very well may be anticipated, it ought to have the option to remove the passing path. Simply point your major part toward that path and he will naturally cut it. To make their work simpler, attempt to diminish the distance and don’t keep excessively far away from the ball, as this will make the cut more troublesome.

Prevent tackling and the usage of Jockey

To use the Jockey, you must always hold down LT/L2 while defending. this is very important. If you get stuck, please avoid processing at all costs. Solving the problem largely depends on your enemy team making mistakes, and this rarely happens. If you stop pressing the B button in this situation, your game will be greatly improved.

Switch players

There are two ways to switch players in FIFA 21. The one is to press the L1/LB button, which will change to the player determined by the CPU. You will see which player will switch to this button as a faded icon will appear on the head of that player. The second way to switch players is to use the correct analog joystick. Just push it to control the direction of the player and it will replace to them. The second way takes you more control and maybe the key point in a defense situation. Follow the cheapest coins site to get your FIFA 21 coins.

Counter work

The sooner you can win the ball back, the more you can win the ball. The higher the game you win, the closer you are to the goal you want to score. Yes, these are all basic things. But it is worth reminding me. Don’t trigger the CDM to run, you need him to go back and win for you. Make sure that if you have a defender running towards the opponent who is about to catch the ball, press X/A to be ahead of him and kick the ball to a teammate quickly. Master the skills of news reporting and regain control before the opponent has time to figure out how to use control of the back row space. Putting pressure on opponents and responding are equally good. It is a great technique for learning to intercept the work of actual managers.

Take the goalkeeper away one-on-one in advance

The defensive idea is to reduce the pitch as much as possible without the ball. Nothing is more important than compact Dycheian defense. The same goes for goalkeepers. When an attacker takes a goal, the goalkeeper makes himself as strong as possible. Keeping the goalkeeper in a triangle/Y pressure allows the attacker to make a decision quickly. If he just ran to the ball and didn’t fully control it, that would be a trick. Even if he does control it, you want him to test his scoring ability, which is actually to make the opponent play slower and trickier shots. If something goes wrong, it is surprisingly wrong. It’s like watching a short-sighted dancer lose tune with his troupe. However, playing as a cleaner goalkeeper certainly has its advantages.

No dive in

We all like spectacular pulleys, but the lack of pulleys can quickly become a disaster. If you miss your opponent, it will actually remove one of your players from the serve, making you lose defense. A portion of the better gamers you face will endeavor to trap you into slide handles, so they ought to be viewed if all else fails. Utilizing the standing tackle (O/B button) is a far superior alternative as even a confounded endeavor won’t eliminate your protector from the game.

Use your shoulder

When you catch up with the opponent leading the ball, it often happens that two players fight shoulder by shoulder. Such duels usually end in pushing the door, but sometimes they call for fouls. To knock a player out of the tempo, try to use the tackle button to pull him onto the jersey, which will slow him down enough to catch the ball in a non-intrusive manner. Players who excel in strength and aggression perform best in such a direct ball game.

The important thing is to understand the changes and learn how to be a good defensive player in FIFA 21 Ultimate team. Defending like the last game is a good starting point, which will make you go a more far way.

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