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If you haven’t heard of, you soon will. It is gaining more popularity every day it seems. There are other websites for hiring freelancers and doing work as a freelancer, but this website starts at $5. That is great news for buyers wanting to get work done at a super low price. While it may seem crazy for a freelancer to offer those services for just $5, the system makes it easier to get hired than other sites. And when used as an introductory price, it is a good way to market a freelancing service to the masses.


I have been on Fiverr for quite a while now, but have been a very active user for the past six months. I have bought gigs and been paid for my gigs. Gigs, by the way, are the tasks a person offers for $5. My experience has been overall great and the website has connected me with some cool people along the way.

Here is a quick overview of how the site works. A seller decides what job she is willing to do for five bucks. She posts the gig on and waits for a buyer. A buyer can browse by categories like writing, digital artwork, and even music creation. When a buyer chooses a seller to do a job or gig, they pay $5. Fiverr makes their profit by taking $1 from that original five. That is 20% of the buyer’s fee, which may sound like a lot. And it is. However, every salesperson worth their salt gets a healthy commission. Without Fiverr, most sellers would have no audience. This is not me defending a company for taking a big slice of an individual’s pie. I just know from personal experience how hard it is to get internet traffic for the purpose of selling a product or service.

The important part to remember about the website is that it is full of buyers. The majority of people browsing are there to buy something. They are expecting a great deal at just $5, but they are not looking for free-content. That is a huge difference from most of the internet that is full of free information. Fiverr is full of content, most of which is custom ordered, that costs actual money. Working for just a five-dollar bill may not be the best business plan for some people, but the website does present the opportunity for some added income at the very least. For the more creative sellers, Fiverr offers a way to go to work full time as a freelancer.

I have done more selling on Fiverr than buying. The few things I have purchased, I have been greatly pleased with. The people I have dealt with have been wonderfully talented. From the lady who provided me with a hand drawn portrait of my mother, to the guy who created some custom sports mascots for me, I have been wowed. The number of quality services on Fiverr are truly amazing. The people I have encountered so far are extremely talented and I am fortunate to have been able to connect with them.

Personally, selling on Fiverr has been quite an experience, mostly good. I have had maybe two buyers who were unhappy or hard to deal with. I always offer money-back guarantees so orders can be canceled and both parties made whole. I have learned over the years in business that it is better to lose a small amount of money in order to maintain a pristine reputation. Fiverr has a feedback system that is vital to maintain as close to 100 percent positive as possible. But if you think this system won’t work for you there are other alternatives.

I have had the pleasure to work for over an estimated 50 different buyers on Fiverr and of those buyers, I have served over 17 percent of the countries on the planet. That is a Fiverr stat that tracks “world domination.” I have had many one time buyers and ended up with a few regular clients that liked my work enough to buy over and over. That is the key to Fiverr. The $5 is just an opportunity. It is a chance to connect with another individual who needs your talent. Whether that means drawing, writing, or SEO work, there is a market for what you have to offer.

$5 at a time will not make you rich, but it could lead to more rewarding work. There have been outliers that have made a killing using Fiverr, but most won’t achieve that level of success. But there are many more who have managed to use Fiverr to quit a miserable job or simply rake in some vacation money. This freelancer website is not for everyone, but it is certainly worth a look if you have any interest in making money online.

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Shane McLendon
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