15 Awesome Ways Of Repurposing Content

What is Repurposing of Content?

Repurposing old content means reusing your old content somewhere else. It may include changing the format of old content, or the place to post it, or even both. Copying does not mean repurposing. You take an old content, which may be a piece of writing, add some more details in it, add a graph or stats in it, and repost it. You have given a new life to your old content. YES, it is that simple. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you could get it done using different websites and platforms. Repurpose old content to make the most out of the content you already have. All you need to do is change the format a bit or insert some images in your previous content. 

15 Ways of Repurposing Content:

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Add Some Data to Your Videos and Post it on YouTube or Website:

For a motivational speaker, a bit of repurposing can do wonders. You could repeat famous old speeches by repurposing and could post it on any other platform, say YouTube.

Create New Articles:

Once you are done writing on a particular topic, you could use that article or blog by doing simple edits and later post it on another website or a social media site.

Use Your Videos To Create Podcasts:

It is another useful idea for speakers. The old video might be a success, but obviously, it could attract more audience if you turn it into a podcast. 

Use Internal Data For Case Studies:

You could reuse your old research on something and later use it somewhere else. It is mainly for students. They could use the same data or figures for article writing and case studies.

Gather Your Writings and Make Your Portfolio:

Good writings hold their worth forever. If you once wrote an article, which attracted the right audience, you could use it later and compile it with your other writings to make a portfolio.

Divide Long Articles To Create Short Ones:

You could break up your big blogs into shorter ones. It will not take a lot of doing and could be done quickly.

Use Client’s Review On Your Website:

Using client’s reviews is a good idea; it helps you gain customer trust. 

Use Questions for Q/A Videos:

YouTubers follow this idea to interact with the audience. They make a separate Q/A video and post it on channels.

Make Videos of Articles:

Some content writers use this to earn money on YouTube. YouTubers could also use video content for writing articles.

Use Your Content to Write an eBook:

Many readers love reading EBooks. Writers can use their articles and compile them to make an eBook.

Use Content for Emails:

Writers can use their articles and break them up to make “do you know” email series. It would attract curious people.

Use the Content for a Presentation:

Writers who are students use this idea to make their assignments. They add visuals and transform articles into a presentation.

Use Podcast Content to Write Articles:

You could also use podcast content to write articles on different platforms, and more audiences would be able to see your work.

Use Statistics for Separate Twitter Posts:

You often see stats on social media sites, particularly Twitter. Using the same stats for “did you know” tweets would be a great idea.

Turn Graphs into Infographics:

If you used graphs in an article, you could use them again to make infographics. It requires some editing skills, though.

If you are interested in repurposing your content, the options available to you are unlimited. Take some inspiration from this article and get started.

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