Motorcycle Street Racing Accidents: Who Is Liable?

Whether you’ve been riding motorcycles for years or you’ve just adopted this hobby, you’ve likely heard of motorcycle street racing. This activity involves riding motorcycles at extremely high speeds on public highways and roads. It’s important to note that motorcycle street circuits and street racing are two vastly different activities.

In the motorcycle street circuit, the public roads are closed off temporarily to accommodate riders. Roadblocks, pit boxes, paddocks, and fences are put in place during the race and removed once the event is over. Street racing, on the other hand, does not have official regulations. Instead, the cyclists are on the street with other vehicles while racing, which makes the activity especially dangerous.

Most people are against motorcycle street racing because it is unsafe and can be deadly for riders and others on the road. Both street circuits and street races involve bikers racing on track surfaces that can accommodate normal speeds. This means the road can be very bumpy and difficult to navigate if the rider is going too fast.

Is Motorcycle Street Racing Legal?

In most areas, motorcycle street racing is illegal, whether the event is spontaneous or planned. Scheduled races are usually coordinated. Participants can communicate with each other with police scanners or GPS devices that let riders know where speed traps are located.

Several automobile drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians have lost their lives because of motorcycle street racing.

Some local governments are in favor of holding motorcycle circuit races. The argument for these events is that they attract more tourists to the area. However, even these areas do not welcome street racing. Cyclists tend to drive recklessly and don’t have as much control over their motorcycles when street racing. Riders also have a higher chance of getting into a serious accident.

Street racing is also a hazard because races take place on roads where other drivers are not aware of the race. The motorcyclists are speeding and are sometimes under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These influences can slow the reaction time of cyclists, which puts everyone on the road at risk.

Is Motorcycle Street Racing Considered Negligent?

The law states that it is illegal for people to engage in street racing since this type of racing is classified as negligence. If you get killed due to a motorcycle street race, your relatives are likely entitled to compensation. If a family member dies due to the negligence of a motorcycle street racer, you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault cyclist. This type of negligent behavior could entitle you to payments for both compensatory and punitive damages.

Punitive damages ensure that the rider gets penalized for negligent behavior. These punishments are meant to discourage other motorcyclists from engaging in dangerous driving practices. If you file a lawsuit for compensatory damages, you may receive a financial award for the losses you suffered due to the motorcycle accident. Losses can include property damage, lost wages, and medical bills. To find out more about your specific situation and potential legal options, contact a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer.

Common Motorcycle Street Racing Accident Injuries

Since a rider is often going at dangerously high speeds when a street racing accident occurs, victims can experience several injuries, including:

● injury to internal organs

● spinal cord damage

● rib and torso injuries

● loss of limbs

● facial injuries

● bone fractures

● lacerations

● dental injuries

● wrongful death

If you think you may be entitled to a motorcycle accident payout, you should contact a lawyer right away. Working with an attorney who has extensive experience in motorcycle accidents can expedite your case. A qualified attorney can also increase the chances that you will get the compensation you deserve to pay for your injuries, lost wages, or motorcycle repair/replacement after an accident.

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