How Live Dealer Games Have Pushed The Boundaries Of Online Gaming

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Technology improves almost every area of our lives. Our computers are faster, we can cook our food better – we can even use voice command to order our online shopping. The casino industry has also benefited from improved technology over the years. And there’s no better example than in live dealer games. And thanks to these technological innovations – it is now live games that are starting to push the online gaming envelope.

The pipe dream for these kinds of games in the past was to allow gamblers to enjoy authentic casino experiences in their own home. There would be no need to travel to your nearest casino to get this kind of experience. In the early days, live games were rough at best. Questionable video quality and infantile internet speeds made it impossible to deliver on that dream. In the modern age, however, this is no longer the case. Now players can enjoy a true to life casino experience in their own homes.

These games are also superior to their virtual game counterparts. On a virtual roulette table, for example, you can’t chat to the dealer or feel the atmosphere of a real casino. The computerized graphics of the virtual roulette game are a complete immersion breaker. Even the sound can ruin the mood. But in a live dealer game, the studio is themed after a real casino – with a real dealer ready to serve you.

And thanks to the power of smartphones and tablets, you can basically walk around with your own personal casino. You would think that brick and mortar land stores would be scared of these advancements in technology. But on the contrary; some establishments are actually embracing it by offering dual playrooms. This allows at home players to join in the action with real players at the casino.

What’s more is that there is a lot more innovation to come in the future. Live gaming providers like Evolution continue to cook up new experiences to leverage the power of the internet and live video. Online casinos like Mayfair Casino currently feature games that are the very definition of cutting edge. Those games are Dream Catcher and Lightning Roulette.

When you observe a game of Live Dream Catcher – you can’t help but think of a classic game show. There is a charismatic presenter, a massive prize wheel and plenty of flashy effects. It almost makes you wonder what place a medium like television has in this age of interactive content.

Lightning Roulette builds on the same formula as Dream Catcher. It uses the same gameshow elements to create a compelling experience. The most impressive aspect of this game is that a classic casino game like roulette is given the 21st-century treatment. On each spin, a multiplier can be applied to any random number – up to 500x! These live dealer games showcase the innovation potential for the future.

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