20 Best Websites to learn Guitar for free online

Website to learn Guitar Online

Today’s article is dedicated to Guitar fans and looking for some web services that teach you to play guitar, then we’re sure that you will definitely love to read this article as below we have covered some of the best websites to learn guitar online for free.

Learn Guitar Online for free

Sometimes playing musical instruments is a dream for us as these are very difficult to play. And we will only get happy by listening to music and watching music videos online. But those music lovers who cannot play these musical instruments like guitar, flute etc. Have many options available over internet. As we all know to learn guitar from the trainer will be very expensive sometimes. So we decided to share with you the most reliable cheapest way to learn guitar online for free just by sitting in front of your computer or laptop.

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So below you are going to read about some of the top websites to learn Guitar lesson online for free. Lets we start with

1. Ultimate-guitar

As similar to its name, an ultimate guitar learning tabs showing what chords for some of the popular music.

2. Guitar Tricks

An incredible site with over 150 lessons and also having different genres of music including rock, blues, jazz, country, classical and many more.

3. Guitar Lesson World

Here is an amazing website to learn guitar with the help of several lessons, examples in the form of a pdf.

4. Guitar Pro

It is a useful website with which learner can easily learn as I have multitrack tab for guitar.

5. Guitar Cardio

As per its name its working is also same having some muscle workout. Also you can choose what type of chords you will be suited upon for practicing out.

6. Guitar Notes

A very useful site providing 1200 chord position in the form of a chart which you can easily print so that it will be always with you.

7. Guitar Noise

This site is very appreciable as it has a lot of amazing ranges as well as articles with different audio clips.

8. JustIn Guitar

It is a very adorable site which is very useful for the very beginners. It covers a huge range of videos, audios, images, texts and many more.

9. Free Guitar Videos

An amazing site with over 150 lessons which could be easily downloadable, making easier to learn guitar.

10. Gibson

This is an appreciable site covering some of the popular music like. Also it is an official site for guitar players.

11. Chordie

Like above mentioned Chordie another website provides a free video tutorial. Also it’s the largest collection of chords and tabs on the Internet, with more than 200.000 songs from hundreds of artists.

12. Wholenote

WholeNote is an online community dedicated to guitar fan. This website features free guitar lessons with tablature and playback. With OLGA tab search, composition tools, resources, accessory and sheet music reviews.

13. GuitarForBeginners

At this website Kirk Lorange’s provides lots of free lessons for guitar beginners. Some titles include Finger-style blues, finger-style 101, House of the Rising Sun, Capo Lane, Dayhdream Blues, Easy Pickin, Funky Acoustic and more.

14. JazzGuitar.be

Visit this website and learn how to play jazz guitar. Not only this you can get free online guitar lessons, tabs, chords, licks, mp3 & online guitar tuner. You can also download your free jazz guitar chords eBook.

15. TheGuitarThing

TheGuitarThing is the first Guitar teaching website in India to provide One on One, Interactive Online Guitar lessons via Skype. Lessons comprise of Scales, Chords, Strumming patterns, Picking techniques such as Alternate Picking & Sweep Picking, Legato, Vibrato, String bending and loads of finger exercises.

16. EssenstialGuitar

Amazing website with a 13 page version of the guide remains available as a free resource for guitar players old and new.

17. GuitarSite

Tune In to this website for all the latest guitar news and information and newsletter Guitar News Weekly. Also with hundreds of free guitar lessons, plus tips and advice for guitarists and more.

18. AllGuitarChords

The Website is like Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Also features standard and exotic guitar scales for left-handed guitar.

19. ChordBook

This website provides interactive tools for guitarists to learn chords scales in an audio visual environment.

20. HowToTuneAGuitar

Another website for guitar lovers featuring chord finder, guitar tuning methods, online guitar tuner, drop tuning guides, 10 tuning tips and secrets.

So these are Best Way to learn guitar online for free of cost but still if you feel, that we forget to add any free online guitar trainer don’t forget to share with us.

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