Is Your Phone Monitoring You?

Artificial intelligence. Evolution and modernity. Do such scientific implications exist in the real world today?

In 1967, British anthropologist, Edmund Leach stated in the BBC Reith Lectures “Men have become like gods. Science offers us total mastery over our environment and over our destiny, yet instead of rejoicing we feel deeply afraid.”

This statement by Mr. Leach is quite adept with the situation today. Scientific and technological research and development has been ceaseless through time, influencing human ingenuity. Information technology has muddled through the humankind, as things seem to run out of our control.

This has caused us to lose confidence over each other. Artificial intelligence and the possibility of speculation are plausible today. Our quest for knowledge has led to startling advances in complex environment.

In a nutshell, the new technology provides increased opportunities for surveillance that will let you know what exactly a person desires. As humanism is being replaced by ‘dataism’, this surveillance will require both intelligence and consciousness.

Spying apps: The technology that watches every move! 

It is true that vertiginous pace of technology has given unprecedented power to humans. The use of an android phone tapping app is rampant today. Different people have different reasons to use this technology. Employers use it to curb industrial espionage; parents to ensure online safety of their kids; while spouses use the apps to catch their cheating partner.

The use of tech gadgets, especially cell phones is common. These devices contain all the personal and professional data of the owner. People roaming around with cellphones glued to them is a common sight. Do you know anyone who does not own a cell phone? It’s a rare sight indeed.

Cartoon featuring a robber looking over the side of a life-size phone featuring the words 'Alert'.

Monitoring softwares can help you figure out every move of your target by simply retaining data from his phone. Getting an insight into the head of a person is easier through an android phone tapping app which allows you to take a sneak-peek into someone’s life discreetly.

The best part? Android apps like xnspy work in stealth mode so your target will never figure out he is being spied on. However, one time physical access of the target phone is required for installation and downloading of the app. Once the process is through, you can remotely monitor the activities of your target.

Want to know what’s going through his mind right now? The ubiquitous spying softwares offer a range of features that can help you not only explore the human mind but also allow you to make informed decisions about them, often enabling you to keep a hold on them.

Can Android monitoring be a consolation for technological advancement?

Software intelligence can help you recalibrate your expectations about monitoring. To see what’s going on in a person’s life, an android phone tapping app allows you to monitor calls and texts of your target. You can view the entire call log of your target along with the name of the contact, and the date and time stamps. The whole contact list is also visible to you. The number of outgoing/incoming calls along with the time duration of the call can be monitored.

We all know internet has offered numerous platforms for us to communicate. Whether your target communicates through a text message or through IM chats on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. you can view the whole thread of message conversation of your target with his contacts.

Close of a man talking on an older style mobile phone.

To know further whether certain topics are being discussed by your target or not, you can watch-list specific words in the control panel so that whenever those words are used, you will be notified through instant alerts.

Listening to someone’s phone call recordings is the closest you can get to a person. No need for nagging suspicions and uncertainty. Certain spy apps allow you to listen to surrounding environment as well so that you can get a complete idea of the in-room conversations taking place near your target. Therefore when your target is planning to sell corporate information or having clandestine affair, you can catch him in the act, even before he practically does something.

The pinnacle of android monitoring

Getting into someone’s brain is an augmented reality. There are a number of android monitoring apps in the market that are quite helpful and responsive. They enable you to easily extract all the personal information from a person’s life through his cellphone. Thus what Leach expressed about human divinity can be true to some extent as we are able to get a glimpse into the mind of a person, thanks to the capabilities of technology.

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