Is It Easy To Fake A VIN Number? Everything You Need To Know

Buying a vehicle is one of the most critical decisions and yet memorable ones. You would never want it to be turned out in a bad one. 

Having your name registered as the legal owner of the automobile fulfills some of the wildest imaginations of maximum people. Still, this feeling is always companioned by an element of responsibility as you have to meet all the legal conditions to drive without breaking any law whatsoever. 

Another case has been acquiring a vehicle identification number (VIN) whereby one may fail to differentiate a fake number from an original one. When similar misapprehensions occur, it may attract court cases and other accruing crimes.

That’s the reason why one should be in a position to separate between a fake and original VIN history report. VIN decoder reviews suggest a fair differentiation between both. 

VIN Number

A Vehicle Identification Number, VIN, is a differentiation code that makes every vehicle individual from one another. It stores a lot of information about the vehicle. It helps you identify a vehicle and its different parts. 

The VINs are generally stamped in visible places similar to the inside of the door, the dashboard, motor, and numerous other areas. This number is vital, and illegal modifications may lead to a violation of some laws. 

A VIN code is complex and formed in such a way to enable the storage of really important information in a single 17-character long string. It includes information like:

  • The plant where the manufacturing process of the vehicle took place 
  • The place of manufacturing of the car 
  • Who is the manufacturer of the vehicle 
  • The size and type of engine implanted and used 
  • The brand of the car 
  • The vehicle’s security code
  • The model year of the car 
  • The particular serial number of the car

Is it easy to fake a VIN number?

It’s not hard to have a fake VIN number of your vehicle. All of the aforementioned information means that making a fully new VIN is not tough. Not that it’s easy to tell without a VIN decoder. 

All a thief needs to do is hold their time and make the VIN accurate- looking enough. After that, they manufacture new VIN plates with the fake VIN and replace them on the vehicle. 

To fully fake a VIN number, however, you will need access to state, civil, and manufacturer databases. This is because if you go to register your fake VIN to get a license plate, it will flag as missing or cloned in the system. 

It’s getting harder since 2009 to” double-register” someone who stole or reproduced a VIN, but not insolvable. This is because now countries are linking their registries together on the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, or NMVTIS. 

Crimes that are commonly linked with the VIN number

There are three main crimes related to your automobile’s VIN. 

The first one is consciously altering or destroying the VIN. This is a misdemeanor crime that outlaws the change or destruction of VIN in either the motor vehicle or its parts. Nevertheless, this doesn’t apply to manufacturers as they’re permitted by law to make changes. 

The second crime is purchasing or owning a vehicle whose VIN is altered. This law ensures that the inflow of stolen automobiles and spare parts into the country doesn’t happen. 

Lastly, we’ve other related crimes, similar as taking stolen goods or forgery. 

How to check the originality of the VIN number?

People have made former misjudgments of entirely depending on motor vehicle dealers and brokers. However, you should employ excess caution in your dealings, If you’re buying a 2nd hand motor vehicle. This is because you might be abruptly changed through forged documents to deceive you on the automobile’s originality. 

To avoid all these challenges, one can check the vehicle’s identification number through the authorized platforms. This will be the safest way of establishing whether a habituated auto is legal or not. You can get similar vital information from auto manufacturers and vehicle enrollment agencies. 

These institutions carry out databases of the VINs and will identify and validate the auto by simply conciliating in the number. You can also visit an estimable agency where you check your license plate and get a vehicle history report for free. 

However, some irregularities show up, and it shows that the vehicle’s history is unclear, If you use fake agencies. At this time, one is anticipated to walk down anyhow of how good the deal was. 

How to detect a fake VIN Report?

Most of the false reports come from scammers’ links that snitch from unsuspicious motor vehicle owners. In utmost cases, a buyer may want to see a history report before making the purchase. The problem comes in when you want to vend the automobile online. 

Scammers shoot their target a link where they purport to buy a history report at a lower price. Utmost individualities fall victim to similar and may end up copping fake reports in the name of saving many bucks. 

Numerous websites claim that they put up history reports at a small price. Unfortunately, utmost of these sites are fake, and they end up dealing fake documents to unsuspicious people. The best way to ensure that the agency is legit is by assuring they have an affiliate program. 

Also, you can avoid all the scamming by buying motor vehicle history reports from only an estimable agency. 

Distinguishing between a fake and original VIN history report can be pretty agitated, and it only requires verification from an official government or private agency. People shouldn’t take the threat of assuming that every history report presented to them is original since a lot of people are then to hash plutocrat out of unknowing people. 

It’s thus recommended that one makes a particular inquiry from an estimable agency rather than counting on an uncertified document. 

How to get an authentic VIN report?

For decrypting the VIN of your vehicle and getting an authentic report, you just need to perform the following way: 

  • Visit a VIN Decoder website
  • You’ll see the VIN search tool on the homepage of the VIN decoder website. 
  • Enter the VIN number of the vehicle you need to look for in the search bar. 
  • Press the‘ Search’ button and hold on for a few moments. 
  • The decoder tool will deliver you a full-fledged report in the search results. 

With this Ford VIN decoder, you can get an authentic VIN report of the vehicle. 


It is easy to fake a VIN number, but you will end up doing a crime that surely you would not want. So it is suggested to stay authentic and real. 

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