Staying On Top Of My Post-Pandemic Game

Learning a New Song on the Piano, or Even Writing My Own

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve only used my new piano as a table and watched it gather dust! It’s a shame, because before COVID, I loved playing; I even learned a couple of beautiful songs and classical pieces.

When things settle down, I’m going to sit down and tickle the ivories once again. And I’m not just going to learn other people’s songs—I’m going to come back strong and try writing my own.

Music is an antidote to anxiety, especially with the right inspiration, so my goal is to build not only a solid musical vision, but a strong spiritual connection to the compositions themselves!

Going on More Runs

It takes a lot of willpower to run. Generally, I only do it when I feel good, so the dark cloud of COVID has not left me feeling particularly inspired to go outside for a workout.

This won’t be the case forever, though—the night is darkest before the dawn. I am going to force myself to run no matter the situation and will stop letting this virus stunt my progress. Running, after all, keeps the blood flowing and can eliminate all kinds of stress; it’s one of the healthiest activities for the body, period.

My primary goal is to sweat away all of the excess weight I’ve gained from being inside so much. I can’t wait to look and feel better!

Getting Some Brand-New Clothes

A few days ago, as I was considering how best to hit the “reset” button on my life, a thought occurred to me: I should get rid of my old clothes and buy new ones! So, I donated my whole wardrobe, and have been thinking about what kind of aesthetic would best suit me.

I want to exude calm positivity and wear colors that stimulate peace of mind, like green and blue. So, I might buy a set of tropical clothes, or vacation-style wear. I also want to splurge on a new watch that will keep me looking fresher than ever! Using these Nordstrom promo codes helped me do it without breaking the bank!

So Much Stress Has Aged Me Horribly

This pandemic has taken a serious toll on my looks. I haven’t been getting much sleep and watching the news all day has put me through all kinds of stress. I’ve noticed new wrinkles, lots of gray hair, and drooping jowls; I look ten years older than I actually am and can’t stand it.

So, I did some research and decided to get a male facelift, which will make me look youthful and rejuvenated again. This will be a major victory for me, and a slap in the face to this dreadful pandemic. New face and new confidence, here I come!

Visiting a Sauna to Sweat Out the Stress

The sauna is one of my favorite places to treat myself. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it impossible to be in such a confined space with other people, but once the restrictions lift, I will be first in line for an hour—or more—in the detoxifying heat!

Additionally, I want to get a mani-pedi, because I’ve been biting my nails a lot; they look so dirty and gnarled! I may not be a woman, but even men need a spa day once in a while. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and putting the traumas of the past behind you with a day at an establishment made for total, unadulterated relaxation.

I can’t wait for things to return to normal!

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