How Much Weight Can A Gaming Chair Hold?

The best gaming chair for one person might not necessarily be the best gaming chair for you—yes, these chairs also work that way. Across the market, you can find models that offer great back support, durability, and comfort, among many other perks. Some higher-end big and tall gaming chairs even go the extra mile and provide posture support over long periods.

Size is usually the main determinant of whether or not a gaming chair is right for you. Today, we’ll discuss the weight capacity of standard and XL gaming chairs and give a list of some of the best heavy-duty chairs on the market. We hope this helps you select a chair that meets both your gaming and health needs.

Gaming Chair Weight Capacity

The heaviest most standard gaming chairs can hold is 300 pounds or 137 kilograms. They usually have slim dimensions made to accommodate an average-structured man under six feet.

On the other hand, the bigger and taller gaming chairs have significantly wider proportions to meet the needs of heavier users. They have heavier-duty and more spacious seats and backrests and components that come with extra reinforcement to support big loads over long periods.

Whether you’re in the market for a standard or large gaming chair, you’ll need to consider specific needs when it comes to health and gaming. The time you spend gaming or computing should also factor into the equation.

For the most part, it could be worth paying the premium that comes with additional ergonomic features and superior padding. Your back, neck, and shoulders will thank you for it. Alternatively, a more affordable chair should be enough if you only game or compute occasionally.

The Best Big and Tall Gaming Chairs

The best of the best gaming chairs typically belong to the “big and tall” category. They’re built with premium padding and out-of-this-world ergonomic features. That said, they might not be the most practical chairs to own if you’re only computing part-time.

Below are models from some of the most popular and trusted brands to keep an eye on this year.

1. Titan XL by Secretlab

This big-and-tall counterpart of the standard Titan by the same company is 25 percent larger and more spacious. Other than that, the two chairs are practically the same, holding the same luxury qualities that users have come to love about the original model.

You can pick from five different models of this super-sized chair, including some with softweave fabric and others with PU leather. You could hardly buy one of these for the first half of 2020 because of the demand. While it’s not much better now, at least you can get them on a pre-order basis. They’re usually delivered a month after ordering, so if you’re thinking of getting one, we recommend not wasting any time.

2. Masters Series Max by AKRacing

This gaming chair holds an uncanny resemblance to Secretlab’s flagship product but confidently holds its own as a gaming chair in every department. It remains one of the favorite picks for heavyweight users because of its additional padding, premium ergonomic features, and wide seating dimensions. Oh, and did we mention it can hold up to 400 pounds or 182 kilograms? That’s definitely a huge plus!

3. Kaiser Series by Anda Seat

As far as luxury gaming chairs go, you can hardly do better than the Kaiser Series. Although it retails for half a grand, its looks and features more than makeup for the price. It comes in a chestnut red and black version and supports up to 450 pounds or 200 kilograms in weight and over seven feet in height. 

4. T-Pro Series by Anda Seat

Here’s another entry by Anda Seat, which cements them as one of this year’s top manufacturers of computing chairs. However, that’s really not a big surprise to anyone who’s well-versed in gaming accessories.

The company has again outdone itself with its newly released gaming chairs under the T-Pro series. They come in black, gray, and blue. However, color is the sole feature that sets them apart, as they remain the same in other features, prices, and dimensions. 

5. AutoFull Slam Dunk

From its name alone, you know this chair will have a lot to do with basketball. The basketball-themed design fits users who are fans of the players and those who come close to matching them in height or structure. It is a big-guy chair that can fit a broad man almost seven feet tall easily.

Thinking About Getting a Gaming Chair?

If you’re in the market for a gaming chair, consider your overall build and the frequency you’ll be using the chair before picking out your options. Nonetheless, never hesitate to go for the models mentioned above if your budget allows since these chairs don’t just seat you comfortably; they seat you healthily, as well.

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