How Much Flavoring To Add To Ejuice

It is important to have a precise flavor percentage to come up with a balanced vape e-liquid recipe. The steeping time of the vape liquid lets it have a superb harmony of various flavors. It is these two factors combined that make it possible to have a successfully made DIY ejuice.

E-liquid flavoring as a matter of fact is food flavoring that can be used in making desserts, yogurts, or creams. It is also used in making ice creams and sorbets and in creating cocktail drinks or simple drinks. Manufacturers advise adding one or two drops to any prepared ejuice and then adjusting it based on the preferred rendering. No prior dilution is needed.

When it comes to mixing your own vape e-liquid, it requires a lot of trial and error. You will likely end up with a lot of bad mixes as you learn. It is worth all the pain and hassles for you to discover all possible amazing combinations. The following are some general tips you can follow when it comes to the flavor levels:

Sense of Smell

It’s crucial that you use your sense of smell. In general, if the flavor is really strong, it will require only a low-level percentage in the combination and vice versa.

Flavors Have Varied Reactions

Flavors have different reactions as they steep. Capella concentrates are known to steep well and they become better and stronger. Others tend to become strong when first mixed but fade gradually. Fruit flavors are more susceptible to fading while creamy flavors tend to become stronger.

Saving a Failing Mix

It is much easier for you to save a flavor mix that has become under-flavored compared to one that is over-flavored.

Take Down Notes

Create notes on every batch of flavors, writing down the date on each label. It is highly frustrating to spend hours trying to perfect the ultimate flavor you desire and not being able to recreate it.

Manufacturers’ Flavors Require Mixing

It may not always be true, but most of the time, flavors that are from a manufacturer will require mixing at the same strength levels. For instance, you like Capella flavor at 10 percent, which is relatively low, it would be good to mix batches of other Capella flavors at 10 percent too.

More Flavor in High VG Mix

A higher VG e-liquid is not as great as PG in carrying flavors so much so that flavors end up “muted.” It’s for this reason that you need more flavor when it comes to a high VG mix.

If you want the best e liquid for vape pen, it’s always wise to start at a weak percentage of flavoring since you can always add more to it. Several tobacco and custard flavors may take several weeks to steep. This means that the process can be so slow. In most cases, you’ll likely end up with a percentage of eliquid flavoring which is at 10 to 15 percent. Some brands like Halo advocate for higher percentages at 25 percent. Remember that if you are a 3 percent Sub-ohm vaper you will require a lower flavoring percentage compared to someone who vapes MTL where small vape clouds are created.

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