How Does Gamstop Self-Exclusion Work?

Online gambling is a fun activity for many people who seek excitement from the comfort of their home and on mobile devices. Sports books, casinos and bingo rooms provide players with multiple options for having fun, as well as bonuses and other incentives. For the vast majority of players, these activities are fun and totally harmless, as they exercise their hobby with moderation and know when to stop. On those rare occasions when gambling becomes a problem, players have several tools at their disposal to regain control. The Gamstop Self-Exclusion is such an effective instrument to fight gambling addiction.

Registering for Self-Exclusion

Excluding yourself from online gambling isn’t a complicated process and anyone can do it in just a few minutes. There are, however, a couple of things to do and the first is to register for self-exclusion on the Gamstop website. There is a simple form that must be filled out, with information regarding your full name and title, date of birth, email and home address. Punters are also expected to share any mobile numbers that were used to register with online and land-based gambling operators.

Once this minimal information has been submitted, players need to decide the minimum exclusion period, which starts at six months. It is possible to push the envelope significantly further and exclude yourself from any gambling activities for one or five years. Players are also asked to submit answers to a few questions that are needed to verify identity, a service currently provided by TransUnion. Once the registration is complete, punters will be unable to deactivate the self-exclusion until the end of the minimum exclusion period. It usually takes less than 24 hours for the self-exclusion to kick in.

What does the self-exclusion mean for players?

Going through the registration process and excluding yourself from gambling-related activities is a simple but highly effective process. Players will be prevented from accessing online gambling accounts using the email address entered during the registration process. That’s why it is so important for punters to be 100% honest and careful when entering the self-exclusion details for the process to be effective. Gamstop works exclusively with the information provided by players, so these details must be accurate.

Punters who have withdrawable funds available in the online account at the date of the self-exclusion will have them refunded. This is done as soon as possible but the manner in which funds are reimbursed rests exclusively with the casino or bookmaker listed on websites like What’s important for players to remember is that they will get the money still in their online accounts back. Gamstop is intended as a tool to help players avoid any online gambling practices that might be harmful to them. 

However, for it to work efficiently, players must be honest and responsible when excluding themselves and share the necessary information. These details will not be sold or disclosed to unauthorized third parties and are only used to prevent players from gambling any further.

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