How Does An Electric Car Work? Here’s What You Need To Know

How does an electric car work? This article is geared towards helping you answer the said question, plus interesting details about electric cars too!


We all know the fact that there is an ever-increasing problem with regards to fuel. With that, people must use better forms of energy to drive their cars. And this is the reason why electric cars are becoming more and more popular these days. But, how does an electric car work?
We’ll get to know more about electric cars and the way they work through the rest of the post.
Why Consider Electric Cars?

Electric cars are reaching their popularity due to numbers of advantages that they could offer. More and more individuals would continue using such kind of car due to the following reasons:
Electric cars would lead to less pollution compared to gasoline-powered cars making them environmentally friendly option particularly in cities. Those vehicles that are powered by fuel cars are indeed electric cars, and these fuel cells are getting a lot more attention.

Rather than a gasoline engine, electric cars are powered by an electric motor.
And there are wide reasons why choosing electric cars is now an ideal and wise decision made by the majority if vehicle owner. It is worth looking into them, even if they are difficult to find on platforms for car sales.

How Does An Electric Car Work?

But then again, how does an electric car work? I will let you know how.
Electric cars would get power from those rechargeable batteries that are installed in the car. The said batteries aren’t only used to power the car but also used to let the lights and wipers function.

The battery packs are located under the vehicle or sometimes in the trunk. They are the same batteries commonly used once starting up a gasoline engine. There is also regulator on the batteries wherein it ensures the amount of energy produced and consumed by the car. So, this will make sure that no battery will burn out.

Indeed, the workability aspect of this kind of car is a lot interesting. Aside from its engine, almost all the other components are the same with the other types of cars. Let’s say for instance the climate control system, transmission systems, brakes and air bags. The electric motor is one of the main differences you might find. You don’t need to worry about how to tell if your amp is blown once using electric cars too.

Three Main Components of Electric Car

And there are three main components of an electric car including the electric motor, controller, and the battery wherein they work together for the car to function.

As you switch on the car, the current will be passed from the battery. Then the controller would take its power from the battery and passes it to the electric motor. The controller would convert a 300V DC to an extreme of 240 volts AC, 2 phase power that is appropriate for the motor. This happens before the current is passed to the motor. After that, the electric motor will now convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy that will make the vehicle move forward.

The controller will stand as thebuyer of power right from the battery and would give out power to the motor. There are variable potentiometers that are connected between the controller and accelerator. These potentiometers would tell the computer the amount of power to deliver.

And once the accelerator is released, it will deliver 0V and once fully-pressed, it offers maximum output. That’s how an electric car works!


Indeed, it is so ideal to consider an electric car over other types of cars. In fact, many vehicle owners would opt for this kind of car along with the increase of fuel problems in society today. But knowing how an electric car works must also be considered first.
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