How Cybersecurity Can Save Your Business

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You built your company with your own sweat, tears, and years of sacrifice. Now, you have to protect it. When your company does business it stores a lot of confidential information about your customers and your business operations. And, it’s your responsibility to make sure that their personal information and your sensitive data are protected.

What’s the Bottomline?

A lack of cybersecurity could cost you everything. For example, in 2017 the WannaCry ransomware infected over two hundred thousand computers, racking up millions of dollars in damage. Cybersecurity has even become a priority to the U.S. government.

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Cybersecurity is becoming an important deciding factor for customers/clients. A potential customer/client could go to your website and see your server is not protected by a secure socket layer (SSL) and decide that working with you might not be worth the risk.

The technology and methods surrounding cybersecurity are changing every day, so you need a team, like Carbon Black, that’s focused on keeping up with those constant changes.

How Do We Move Forward?

Cybersecurity is about ensuring that your company’s computer systems maintain their integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information (ICA), and how the business can seamlessly continue and recover when disaster strikes.

Have a cybersecurity policy.

– What set of security protocols in detail are you willing to employ to protect your company?

– What exact steps do employees have to take every day to ensure your data is secured?

Have a disaster plan.

– What’s the procedure in case of hardware failure, power outage, and more?

– What’s the procedure in case of cyber attacks?

 Consider buying cybersecurity insurance

Ideally, this will offset any losses from a cyber attack. Most policies have strict provisions as to what measures must be taken in order to qualify for and maintain coverage. So, this can be a great tool to enforce your cybersecurity plan.

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People are always the weakest link in cybersecurity, so it’s important that everyone in the company has training:

– In social engineering, the user is tricked into running a Trojan horse program usually from a website they trust and often use. This is the number one way hackers attack. The best countermeasure to this is to educate employees.

-When phishing the hacker tricks the user into revealing their passwords. The best countermeasure to this is two-factor authorization (2FA). For example, to gain access you need both your password and a pin sent to your phone.

-Unpatched software can cause a major breach, so patch software when you get the notification.

-Train staff on how to protect their devices (e.g. password protecting them) and ensuring the security of the data (e.g. not accessing sensitive information where it can easily be seen).

– Possibly, installing remote tracking software in the event a device is lost.

Finally, take time to talk to cybersecurity consultants to see what measures you want to take to protect your company. They’ll help you create a cybersecurity protocol, train staff, and create custom-tailored, detailed plans for when disaster strikes.

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