How A Standing Desk Can Improve Your Health And Change Your Whole Lifestyle For Good

We have heard about standing desks a lot. This is not just a nice furniture piece. A standing desk is extremely healthy, especially if you have to spend hours working at a computer screen.

What are those immense benefits though and how does a standing desk influence our health condition, motivation, and, in turn, work efficiency?

Benefits for Health

Standing desks are highly beneficial for health. Office workers know that the main issue in a job connected with prolonged sitting periods is the lack of movement. It, in turn, causes:

  • Weight gain;
  • Pains in the back and neck;
  • Headaches and migraines;
  • Increased risks of diabetes;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

This is just a small part of the list. But you can already see what is the main reason to get a standing desk. Moreover, you can build your own standing desk online to ensure its top compatibility with your home office. 

When you use a standing desk, you change constantly from a sitting position into a standing one, and vice versa. Even if you rarely move other than that, it already increases your physical activity level. When you are standing, you burn more calories than when you are sitting. Consider also that in a standing position, you move more anyway.

It helps to avoid rapid weight gain and thus, all the diseases connected with obesity. Add physical exercises, and you will feel as if you visit a gym every day.

There are many exercises that can be done at a standing desk. You can start with very simple such as lifts on toes, stretches. Then, move to a more complicated program and increase the time for doing simpler exercises. With time, you will notice that the fat goes away, muscles aren’t so weak anymore, and the general physical condition is much better than it was before.

A standing desk will also change the way your back and neck feel. They will have an opportunity to rest in their natural positions, without being bent the entire day. Thus, aches will vanish. Consider though that it will happen only in the case if aches are caused by long sitting time. If you suffer from a medical condition, a standing desk alone will not solve it. in such a case, you need to go to a doctor without delays. 

Motivation Level and Work Efficiency Improves

Needless to mention that a new furniture piece alone boosts the motivation to work. Add the fact that this furniture piece will make you feel better, and you will understand why you will for sure work more than usual.

Plus, you will not be bothered by constant pains in the back and neck. Along with it, you will also forget about headaches. Mostly, they are caused by the impaired blood circulation to the brain when your neck is in a bent position. Once you get an opportunity to work with a neck in its natural position, the blood starts circulating properly. It delivers enough oxygen to your head, and headaches stop bothering you.

It Is Important to Adjust Your Desk Properly

If you count on efficient use of your desk, don’t forget that it shall be adjusted properly. On its adjustment your well-being depends.

Here are some details that cannot be ignored when setting up your height-adjustable furniture piece:

  • Make sure your arms are resting on the desk with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. It helps to avoid tiredness and tunnel syndrome.
  • Your feet shall stand on the floor.
  • The screen centre shall be located at the level of your eyes. If you work with a laptop, consider getting a monitor support and a keyboard. 
  • The back shall be supported in the natural position. 

These adjustments are valid for both standing and sitting positions. If you feel that buying an adjustable desk alone isn’t enough, get a new ergonomic chair, too. Consider also getting all the accessories that will make your work more productive and less stressful. 

If you do everything correctly, you will notice the first positive results within a couple of days. Within some months, you will feel much better, and the work productivity will increase immensely.  

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