Influence Of Mattresses On Human Health

Studies prove that a person spends a third of his life in a dream. 8 hours a day. This is how much a person should sleep. Otherwise, various deviations in the work of the body begin to appear, from absent-mindedness and memory loss to disturbances in the work of internal organs and the occurrence of chronic diseases.

Not only the duration of sleep is important, but also its quality. Everyone knows that you need to sleep in a well-ventilated area, preferably with open windows. You need to go to bed at the same time and dress in loose clothing without elastic bands. However, perhaps the most important thing in ensuring healthy sleep and, as a consequence, human health is a good mattress. A lot depends on him. A mattress of poor quality or inappropriate for a particular person can lead to a number of serious diseases or restless sleep. On the other hand, a good mattress can help in the treatment of various diseases of the skeletal system.

In the modern world with its sedentary lifestyle and inactivity, various curvatures of the spine are becoming the norm rather than a rarity. In turn, such curvatures can lead to the fact that nerves are pinched between the vertebrae. This causes back and lower back pain familiar to many people, as well as the appearance of diseases such as hypertension, migraines and even heart problems.

A curvature of the spine can occur not only due to a sedentary lifestyle, but also due to the fact that a poor-quality mattress without orthopedic properties is used. This is especially true for old mattresses, which have noticeable dents in the pelvis and shoulder girdle. In such a situation, the spine bends at night in places of depressions, which results in curvature.

With the correct body position during sleep, the spine should be straight. It is to achieve this body position that orthopedic mattresses have been developed. They flex in different ways in different parts of the body, due to which the spine, regardless of whether a person sleeps on his side or back, will be even, and the load on him is minimal.

It should be noted that absolutely all orthopedic mattresses, regardless of their design and the type of used flooring materials, can achieve this goal to one degree or another.

The importance of choosing the right mattress for a comfortable sleep

For some diseases, it is important to ensure high rigidity of the bed. Previously, many solved this problem by sleeping on boards or other solid objects. At the same time, comfort was zero, and sleep was restless. Today, you can choose an orthopedic mattress that will have high rigidity, ensure the correct position of the spine and guarantee a high level of comfort for example nolah mattress. 

If you need a firm mattress, you can choose the nolah mattress made using coconut coir or horsehair. The Sleep Shop’s analysis of this mattress also said that the less expensive models made of thermal felt and a number of other materials are also suitable. You can also choose nolah mattresses based on a spring block of the appropriate stiffness.

Using a poor quality or old mattress can make it uncomfortable to sleep on. In inexpensive spring mattresses with foam rubber, the springs over time begin to cut into the body, foam rubber or batting can get lost in lumps. As a result, sleep becomes restless and the person wakes up awake. Chronic fatigue syndrome and all the associated consequences may even appear.

Finally, you need to remember that nothing should disturb the blood circulation during sleep. Uneven pressure of the mattress on the human body will lead to the fact that the force of this pressure in some places will be unacceptably high. In this case, blood circulation in these places will be difficult or even stop. The work of tissues and even internal organs will be disrupted. When using orthopedic mattresses, the pressure will be evenly distributed, and if mattresses with shape memory are used, then this pressure will also be the minimum possible.

Emissions of various harmful substances negatively affect human health. For example, many pieces of furniture made from particleboard emit large amounts of phenols. Inexpensive, poor quality mattresses can also increase the concentration of phenols in the air. The smallest consequence of an increase in the concentration of this substance in the air of the bedroom will be the appearance of chronic headaches.

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