16 Ways To Use the Internet To Cure Your Boredom

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Boredom can strike at any time. You might be in the middle of a Chuck marathon on Netflix and suddenly decide there’s something better to do… but you just can’t figure out what is better. You could be at work trying to kill time before the end of the day. You might even be stuck in class with a monotonous lecture going on and a smartphone in your pocket.

Bored Cat

Here’s the good news: the internet has the cure for your boredom! If you need something fun to do, here are some of the best ways you make that happen with a minimal amount of trouble headed your way if you get caught.

#1. Literally Unbelievable This is the website that makes Jerry Springer look like high quality television. It tracks Facebook’s reaction to stories from The Onion, which means you’ll instantly feel better about your life circumstances. You’re also guaranteed to get at least one good laugh every day, which is proven to reduce stress when you have a boss or professor who likes to micromanage.

#2. People of Walmart Those who talk about how bad it is to shop at Walmart generally shop there more than they do the local grocery store. Yeah… guilty. There’s still some solace in the fact that there are people at Walmart who make you feel better about yourself. Someday I’ll have to tell you about the half-naked stripper wearing black sequins who checked me out the other day… is there an Employees of Walmart site too?

#3. Talking Animals These are videos of animals talking. Any argument you have against this curing your boredom is immediately invalid.

#4. Minecraft Builds Minecraft is an instant boredom cure, but let’s be honest for a moment and admit that most of our builds are generally quite lousy. Some could be classified as horrible. This Tumblr site will help to improve your skills and that learning will instantly cure your boredom for at least a week. Be forewarned: it might also kill your productivity too!

#5. Noir Poetography It is poetry. It’s photography. Will it inspire your creativity? Let me ask you this: when was the last time you read a murder mystery haiku? Exactly.

#6. Quirkology Of course you want to learn some crazy new skills that will help you win virtually any bet, right? That’s what this YouTube channel will help you do. Sit back, soak up the lessons from this fun videos, and you might even turn your boredom into a new moneymaker!

#7. AutoCorrect Failures Who wouldn’t want to have a good time on your upcoming fisting trip? You’ll be able to find plenty of beautifully dark humorous technology mixups on this website. Go ahead and stroke your clock for a little while. No one will care.

#8. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Text Game This beautiful game was initially released in 1984 and provided a wonderful way to not panic, read Vogon poetry, and just generally die in strange ways as you try to get out of your yard. The BBC has updated the game more than once over the years and the result is a massively fun way to kill off your entire weekend by grabbing your towel and questing for the #42.

#9. Watch 32 Setting aside the legal ramifications of this website for a minute, Watch 32 has bootlegged videos of current movies available for online streaming. We’re not linking to the website nor condoning the use of it in any way, but it is on the internet and can be easily found if you want to challenge copyright laws.

#10. Google Pacman Who doesn’t like playing Pacman? For that matter, who doesn’t like watching the new Pacman cartoon? Google Pacman plays just like the original with the twist of having the Google logo in the game. And yes – all of the side scenes are included in this Google doodle. Here’s a pro tip: leave the dots in the “E” for last.

#11. Social Gaming There are so many social games available online today that you could spend an entire day just taking care of your farms or questing for candy. It’s like transitioning to the dark side of gaming and it makes you feel guilty, but there’s still some satisfaction in making it to level 482 on Candy Crush Saga. Just don’t fall for the micro-purchases.

#12. 100% Evil Animals Animals can be cute and cuddly, but there’s a darker side to animals. They can be downright evil! These GIFs are simply proof that the Grumpy Cat is only the tip of the iceberg.

#13. Criggo

Do you miss not having Headlines with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show? You’ll be able to get your daily fill back again thanks to this website. It finds the errors in newspapers and websites that haunt editors and writers alike until the end of time because now they’ll never be forgotten!

#14. Go Comics

When in doubt, laugh it out! You’ll be able to do that with this comics locator. Explore your favorite syndicated strips on a daily basis! With over 200 from which to choose, you’ll definitely be able to kill off your boredom every day!

#15. Bob the Squirrel

It’s the best daily comic you’ve probably never heard of before! Embrace squirrelosophy today and you’ll be able to download strips and get good laughs. If you want to start reading a new comic daily, this is it. If you don’t want to start reading a new comic, then what’s wrong with you?

#16. Nerd’s Magazine!

Of course one of the best ways to cure boredom on the internet today is to get your daily dose of Nerd’s Magazine. If you love everything about NM right now, you’re not going to believe the new stuff that is in the works for the next few months. Stay up to date on tech news, find cool stuff on the internet, and get to know the hottest tech products in a personal way.

How do you love to kill off boredom by using the internet? Share your ideas, send us your links, and share the wealth of knowledge that you’ve obtained with your surfing prowess!

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