Game of Thrones Season 7: Five Predictions Likely To Come True

Game of Thrones season 7 has been pretty eventful so far, where slowly and surely different characters and narratives are hurtling towards the inevitable conclusion of the Great War, where we are not only likely to see a grand scale of violence but also expect various plot twists to see who finally prevails.

After Joffrey and Ramsay’s demise, many fans were skeptic whether the show would throw up another undiluted pure evil character, but to our relief, that mantle has been delightfully passed on to the despicable yet a begrudgingly brash and libertine Euron Greyjoy, whom we saw kill two Sand Snakes and take Ellaria, her daughter and his niece Yara Greyjoy as prisoners in a 10-minute burst of brutal violence towards the end of episode 3.

With several interesting moments reminiscing happenings in the past and foreshadowing possible events of the future, here are some predictions that are likely to unfold in the forthcoming episodes:

Targaryen And Targaryen- A Doomed Alliance Or The Rightful Heirs Of Westeros?

First, let’s talk about that much-hyped meeting between Dany and Jon Snow in episode 3, which quickly devolved into a rather puerile argument, especially due to Daenerys’ repeated insistence on her claim to the throne. Throw in some snarky albeit sensible repartees by Tyrion and Ser Davos’ hilarious, gushing encomiums for Snow and we had a perfect premise for a bunch of third-graders squabbling for their turn at the swing (a point actually emphasized by Snow between their argument, when he stated that they were quarreling like kids instead of helping each other to fight the White Walkers).

I must say, Dany was behaving somewhat like a jerk, refusing to acknowledge Jon Snow as the king in the North and being adamant about ‘bending the knee’. Thankfully, she softened by the end of the day and gave Snow the green signal to mine the dragonglass else she could have become quite an unpleasant character to deal with However, the point to ponder on is what lies ahead for the two Targaryens? Who will be Azhor Ahai among the two?

Theories have been postulated considering even Tyrion as the prophesized prince (who can be a he or she, as clarified by Missandei) but the real question of the power struggle may happen after this grand revelation is finally made. Is the Targaryen team doomed in the grand scheme of events? Some have said the Targaryen alliance may even result in Dany’s death, so that the AA prophecy comes to fruition. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

A Dragon’s Demise Becomes A Wight Weapon?

Of Dany’s three dragons, one is likely to be killed by the huge crossbow (similar to the one used by Bard the bowman in The Hobbit to kill Smaug) revealed to Cersei by Qyburn, her right-hand man who is also called ‘the Master of Whisperers’. I mean, why would they show such a thing in the first place (and that too which brought down Balerion) if one of the dragons ain’t dying in the future episodes? Our take is that the dragon (most likely Viserion) will become an invaluable weapon of the Night King after it is killed, who will transform it into a wight. That will be incredibly amazing to see- an ice dragon spewing blue fire! (fingers crossed).

Jorah Is Linked To Dany’s Destiny

We are tired of seeing poor Ser Jorah being forever friendzoned by Dany and it is high time that his role proves to be more worthy than merely being a love-struck sidekick. After being seemingly cured by Samwell Tarly (I was astonished how easily his body healed from what I presume was a horribly painful procedure. Is he Wolverine?), he will be heading to Dany yet again. And this time, I am pretty sure that his fate (or maybe his end) will be directly linked to Dany’s destiny- most probably a heroic death while saving the mother of dragons (who ain’t sharing her booty with anyone except Daario). Things already look down for Dany so for all her braggadocio, it seems that she will require a lot more saving than before.

The Curious Case Of The Starks’ Reunion

Sansa has been reunited with Brandon Stark and Arya is on her way to join the two in Winterfell. However, the much-touted reunion of the Starks’ throws up some interesting questions. Bran is now the three-eyed raven and when he is not uttering uncomfortable idiocies (WTF was that part about Sansa looking beautiful in a wedding dress and all? Does she need to be reminded of the trauma she underwent?) will he become a liability or an asset in the war? Unless he does some crazy time-bending warging stuff again like the time when he managed to warg Hodor of the past into the future, it would be annoying to take care of him. Those were some freaking mind-twisting goosebumps-inducing powers.

Also, Jojen wouldn’t have died in vain. So we are expecting some intense stuff in the coming episodes. Did you observe that Arya only made her way to Winterfell after knowing that Jon was there? (she probably doesn’t care about Sansa still). With no Jon and the ever creepy Littlefinger around, we wonder what kind of dynamic the three Starks would share. Going by the nature of the show, one of the three Starks will probably die and we just hope it is not Arya, given her penchant for taking audacious risks.

Cersei Derails Tyrion, But Has She Accounted For Arya?

Let’s admit one thing after watching the third episode of Game of Thrones. As clever as Tyrion might be, muttering wisdoms and chalking out strategies, his sister remained one step ahead of him by going for the jugular- the richest ally of Dany, the Tyrells. Olenna is dead, but not before she did a magnificent mic drop moment revealing how she was behind Joffrey’s killing. Coming to strategies, this is a major setback for Dany and especially for Tyrion but it will be interesting to see who prevails in the long run.

Cersei has her incestuous bro-love mate Jaime to man the armies and from what we know from his chequered past, he is more than capable of inflicting major defeat on most enemies of the Lannisters. Ultimately, it will boil down to Lannister vs Lannister and given the odds and unpredictability of the show, it can go any way in the Great War. But….will it? Remember that Arya Stark still has to cross off her list and Cersei remains at the top of it. So while she is busy dealing with her significant adversaries, the decisive blow might come from where she least expects it.

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