From Consoles To A PlayStation Gift Card: Best Gifts For Gamers

There are many gift ideas out there that are perfect for your game-loving friends. Unfortunately, if you don’t know where to look or aren’t a gamer yourself, it can be a little tricky to navigate this world. Some research and personal insight might need to come into play when choosing a gift for your friend, or you could opt for a less complicated option; either way, this guide has you covered. 

The gaming industry is a huge one, with the Global Games Market taking in over USD$159 billion in 2020 alone. The market is filled with games, consoles, and mobile gaming apps too, amongst others. There is no shortage of ways to game these days, and no shortage of gaming gadgets and accessories either. From the gamer who’s just starting out to the one who has everything, you’d be surprised at the number of gifts, accessories, and gadgets available. If you’re still a little skeptical, not to worry; we’ve compiled the following list for you, delving into some of the best gift ideas for your gamer friends. 


Probably the best gift you can buy a gamer is a game that’s just been released, or especially one that they’ve been waiting to purchase. What better way to surprise them then by giving them a new game? Before you buy the game, however, you should make sure that you know exactly what kind of games they like to play, what they already have, and what they’re looking/waiting for. The average cost in 2020 for the latest Sony PlayStation game was roughly USD$67. With these prices, you’re going to want to be sure that you get the right game, look online, and do some research; don’t forget to pay attention to ratings and reviews. 

Gift cards

Gift cards are great if you really don’t know anything about games. You can just head to a gaming store or even Kmart and ask them for a PlayStation gift card. Most of these gift cards can be used in-store, and online through the PlayStation console too. They can vary from a modest USD$30 way up into the hundreds. You don’t have to worry about wrapping a present, or accidentally choosing something they already have or won’t like; a Sony PlayStation gift card is not just a safe option, it’s the option that’s friendly to both parties, because it allows for more freedom on the recipient’s end and less strain on the gift-giver.

Digital subscriptions

This is where gift cards and games kind of merge into one. A lot of consoles these days operate online, and instead of buying a physical game, you can purchase and download them via the online store on the console. Many of these consoles offer weekly/monthly/yearly subscriptions to their online services. These subscriptions come with download storage, free games, and discounted games. Buying your friend a subscription will give them access to more than just one game, and allow them to play online as well.


If you’re not sure what game to buy, or your gamer already has a subscription, then another great idea is a gift that will make gaming more enjoyable and accessible—a controller. Controllers can be pricey, and like many other gaming accessories, they tend to be the sort of thing that most gamers wouldn’t go out and buy for themselves. Plus, you can never have too many of them. Most gamers will appreciate having a spare or even a new and different design; plus, having more than one means that you can play with a friend. 


With new consoles being released every few years, there’s probably always going to be a console that your gamer wants but doesn’t have. There are also smaller, cheaper consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, which could be a great gift idea for family members as well as gamers. Buying a console can offer gamers years of enjoyment, which is kind of priceless. Many new consoles also have financing plans on offer, so you could purchase a console and pay it off in instalments as low as USD$24.99 per month. 

Audio gear

Another type of accessory that makes gaming more enjoyable is audio gear. Whether this is a cool speaker system or a wireless headset, there’s definitely something out there from which your gaming friend could benefit. Headphones or surround sound speakers can really boost the feeling of immersion, and help to create a fuller experience for the player. Headsets that come with quality microphones also make life easier for gamers, as they can talk with their friends online while they play.


Some consoles don’t offer the full amount of storage necessary to hold and play all of the games that you desire. You can extend this space, however, with an SD card or a portable storage device. Whether your gamer friend likes to play on the computer or a console, buying them more storage space will be very useful. Extra space can also help with speed when loading or saving your games.

This is an especially good idea if your friend uses a Nintendo switch, which doesn’t offer a lot of space initially. You can find SD cards that offer up to 400 GB, which will provide more than enough space for your friend to feel like they’re living their best life.


If you’re not sure about a game, or don’t possess the know-how when it comes to most things tech related, have no fear, because there are still some very cool gifts that you can buy for your gamer friend. Pop figures and one-of-a-kind figurines are among the favorites in the gaming world, and you can find collectables from various in-game characters in the form of accessories, such as backpacks, hats, t-shirts, and more. Companies such as Funtastic, Hasbro and Jakks Pacific are leading the way in producing amazing collectibles that could make a great gift for any gamer. 

There are plenty of gift options out there to choose from, and buying something for your friend shouldn’t have to be such an ordeal. The best thing about these options is that they vary in price, from SD cards, to PlayStation gift cards, to consoles, and each option is equally as valid as the last. You can’t go wrong in choosing one of the above gifts, and your friend will surely appreciate anything that helps to make the gaming process more fun, easy, or enjoyable. 

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