Five Ways to Get Amazing Ideas


Just how are amazing ideas created? Must you be a genius of some sort to come up with a great plan for a business? Do you have to look around internet at other ideas for about 60 hours straight in order to be inspired with an idea of your own for an invention? Maybe you need to take a class on idea creation? I wouldn’t suggest any of those options, although being a genius would help and online surfing can inspire.

The best way to come up with fresh ideas is to try easier. Forcing your mind to come up with a new business, invention, new item for your existing product line, or just an idea to make your life more fun on a daily basis puts too much pressure on your little brain to produce a grand idea. Trying easier sounds counter-intuitive, but it works. Here are five ways to ease your way into ideas that could change your life and maybe even the world around you.

5. Daily exercise is a great way to start the day with a fresh view. Sweating out tension and stress makes way for new thoughts and ideas in a natural way. Some of my best ideas have come while pouring sweat on the treadmill. I haven’t had that million dollar one just yet, but it’s coming!

4. Take short naps daily if possible. Or cat nap in the morning after your alarm goes off on the weekend. That in and out sleep mode is like a deeper form of day dreaming and can leave you with wild ideas just crazy enough that they might work.

3. Just start writing on a daily basis. Don’t worry about spelling or how long it is. This is just for you to get your cluttered mind empty of all the junk in the way of creativity. You do not have to be a writer to use the act of writing to “exhale.”

iceland nature

2. Take a walk. Just a casual stroll is all that’s needed. The longer the better. You’re not trying to burn any fat with this type of walk. Go far enough to forget you are even walking so your mind drifts.
 1. Get back to nature. How are you going to spark any creativity of your own if you are surrounded by the world’s thoughts being relayed to you via smartphone, TV, and laptop? You need to be by yourself with some trees, fresh air, and maybe even some rushing water to clear your head so you can hear your own thoughts above the noise of the world.

Just be sure to keep a pen and paper or voice recorder with you during all these activities. Great ideas come and go easily. It would be a shame to come up with the next big thing only to let it escape into the ether without ever making a note of it.

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Shane McLendon
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