Creating Emotional Connection Through Corporate Videos

The best way to connect with your audience whether you are marketing your company’s services, showcasing products, publicizing testimonials, or promoting employee engagement is undoubtedly through video.

It is important to determine exactly what you need from a video production company before you hire them. Once you have signed an agreement it may be too late to back out once you discover that they do not meet all your needs.

If the elements you require are not available and you cannot see the quality in the production company’s portfolio it is advised to terminate the partnership immediately. Working with a disreputable company will harm your company’s image. Make sure the transitions are smooth, and the animation is even and lively. Check the quality of the voice-over, and whether you can engage with the script, and so on.

Once you have established which corporate videos company can successfully meet your needs and engage with your audience you will provide them with the details surrounding your company’s services. This will determine what kind of video your company will need, and which platforms can be used to stage the final product.

Logically you should choose a Sydney video production company with a talent for the kind of video content you have envisioned. Nowadays you can view the company’s show reel on their website or social media page, so make sure you look through their offerings thoroughly before you make contact. If there are no examples of their work readily available, make sure you reach out to them via email.

Check out some of the explainer videos on the internet to establish what styles and formats you prefer for your company. Make sure you are certain of the combinations you require. 3D animation? Motion graphics? Chalkboard? 2D animation? Take your time before making the final decision.

As you are looking through these showreels you should be taking note of which content is more exciting for you. Choose a company that matches the unique personality of your business, you ideally want to build a creative relationship that works from the start. Although an experienced corporate video production company should be able to adapt their style to meet your own unique needs, it is still easier to partner with a team that has already shown their expertise in the format you require for your brand.

Deciding to produce superior quality video will not only improve your customer’s engagement and convert sales, but it will also boost your brand’s image among your customers. It is important to note that while it is faster to produce numerous, lower quality videos they tend to have a much shorter life span than a few, higher quality videos.

Consider that although your audience may be older than what you think will respond to animation or what can be perceived as ‘cartoons’, this does not mean that it will not be effective. If your sound design is cleaner cut, and the overall design is tasteful and mature, then you can definitely keep more serious people engaged on related topics.

It is possible to achieve strong emotional connections in videos through the use of body language and understated facial expressions. This helps the viewer connect with the image because it seems realistic. That being said, animated characters can also portray similar emotions by using a few keyframes.

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