Find The TOP Influencers For Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign

Most of the people prefer to get quick Instagram followers from smfame to grow their brands while some people find the top influencers for their marketing campaigns. But finding the right influencers is not as easy as it sounds. The trick to finding the right influencer for your Instagram influencer marketing campaign is to start by looking among your fans – those who are already familiar with your brand and love it.

Take a look at Instagram influencers who actively mention your brand or product and generate buzz in their posts. How do you find them? Either by tracking mentions of your brand, product/service, or industry keywords. We’ll start with your brand.

Table of Contents

Step 1

Instagram influencer marketing: making the list

Set up a social listening project to track mentions of your brand across the web. (Let’s see what high-end e-commerce clothing retailer Revolve has been up to!)

Click on NEXT, select your language and you’ll be directed to your dashboard. This is where all mentions of your keywords & phrases are displayed – in this case, keywords related to the brand Revolve. For instance, if you create the project, you can collect hundreds of mentions. This is what that looks like in the dashboard:

Now to find the TOP candidates for our Instagram influencer marketing campaign!

Step 2

Instagram influencer marketing: analyze

From all these mentions, just go to the Analysis tab to get a list of the top 10 candidates for your Instagram influencer marketing campaign. It’s on the left side of the dashboard.

The Analysis tab evaluates all your mentions to show you the top 10 from each of these categories:

· most popular mentions

· most popular authors

· influence of social media authors (ranked by influence)

· most active social media authors

· most active sites

· most influential sites and more

Step 3

Instagram influencer marketing: Filter the data

Since we want to find the ideal candidate for Instagram influencer marketing, we can filter these results to see the top 10 from Instagram. Once you’re inside the Analysis tab, click on Filter mentions from the upper right-hand corner. A Filter data window will pop up. Scroll down until you see Category Filter (about mid-way). Check the box for Instagram, and then click on the Close button. The influencer’s profile will analyze all the mentions from Instagram to give you data based on that specific platform – pretty handy. This narrows it down to hundreds of mentions.

Step 4

Instagram influencer marketing: Create a listing

From your results in the Analysis tab, scroll down to the Influence of Social Media Authors to see which 10 Instagram influencers have the highest scores for Influence.

This is what that list looks like for Revolve with two days’ worth of mentions:

Create your own social listening project to find your TOP 10 influencers for powerful Instagram influencer marketing. Now you have a shortlist of candidates who would be perfect for Instagram influencer marketing. Look into these Instagram accounts to learn more about the kind of content they produce. This is where you’ll find the ideal Instagram influencer for your Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

Here are some questions to consider when you’re researching these Instagram influencers:

1. Does this Instagram influencer’s image represent your brand? (Or if re-branding, does it match your new image?)

2. Is this Instagram influencer’s audience your target audience?

3. Does this Instagram influencer’s content appeal to your target audience?

4. Does this Instagram influencer’s content generate buzz and engage its audience?

If you want to be absolutely sure that you’ve picked the right Instagram influencer for Instagram influencer marketing, then consider finding the answers to the above questions.

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