5 Home Décor Ideas To Chase Away Winter Blues

As the morning frosts cover the ground and the fall melts into winter with shorter days a seasonal health disturbance starts to increase making one turn sensitive to light or the lack of it, and the dipping temperature puts a damper on our moods leaving a lot of people feeling rather bummed. This form of mood swing affects people all over the globe during the winter months. One feels a combination of fatigue and lethargy that makes it hard to get things done at work and around the house.

Winter sluggishness and lack of exercise can also cause your self-confidence to take a hit. Losing interest in activities you typically enjoy at work or home can have a direct impact on your health. So in order to combat the gloomy days, one has to work extra hard on your mental health during this time of the year and chase them away by taking control of your happiness.

Take advantage of your days indoors trying something new which essentially rewires our brain. Although the weather outside might be dreary, to lift your spirits this is the best time to impart a fresh feel to the interiors.

the living room and kitchen eating counter in an open floor plan home with lots of windows

So banish your winter blues and spruce up your living room with the most popular décor by shopping from your favorite stores where you get great fashionable furnishing including lighting for your home décor, a poster gallery, and photo frames, mirrors, Picture, wall art. A home makeover is what you need to create your personal space into a winter wonderland.

A cozy and inviting home can help chase away the winter blues, and one way to achieve this is by incorporating fresh and clean elements into your living space. Professional carpet cleaning Asheville services can ensure your carpets are free from dirt and allergens, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable environment. For more home decor ideas to brighten up your space during the colder months, check out this helpful article.

Let the light in and make your environment brighter

There is no better way to brighten and warm your spirits this winter than with new lights, lamps or ceiling fans, switching to LED light bulbs which emit bright light as well as low on consumption, a crystal chandelier is still a timeless choice for a softer romantic feel.

Opt for sheer curtains that won’t block the light and maximize your light intake with hanging mirrors that reflect tons of light, decluttering windowsills and painting the window sills and frames in a white gloss will make the room lighter and at the same time elevate your mood.

Light is the key part of any decorative plan and mantelpiece is the focal point of your living room so this is a great opportunity to get creative with your decorations. Feel free to add extra decorations like candles or ornaments

A little color will go a long way

Winter décor makes us think about darker shades and you might not want to use light pastel colors in the wintertime, but just a few softer tones or even metallic tones in your throws and pillows will brighten and add energy to your space.

If you are craving from some more color in your life so before winter really sets in, think about painting the room a neutral color with warm undertones that will bring a clean, bright feeling to your space and relaxed warmth to your home.

Add a splash of personality to your living room and other rooms

When the landscape outdoors is icy and bare, make your home a place of coziness with textured Rugs and Carpets. Spreading Rugs not only feels good and warm under your feet but also adds color and texture to any room thus creating a warm ambiance and also gives space tremendous character and style.

Woolen rugs are by far the best choice. Don’t forget to add a few throw pillows on sofas and chairs to further enhance and lend freshness to your room and brighten the room. Add comfortable layers around your interiors with a bright embroidered cushion that not only gives them much-needed warmth but also creates a warm fun-filled vibe to your living room. On top of it, you can add a smokeless grill to your kitchen. A little tasty barbecue will help to chase away winter blues even better.

Indoor landscaping with plants

a modern building entryway with seating and many hanging and potted plants

Go green as plants keep us connected with nature and nothing beats the winter blues than plants with endless benefits like improving the air quality in the rooms they inhabit as well for our overall well being and purifying our soul.

Indoor purifiers like the Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Spider Plant, Bamboo, Yucca, Jasmine, Lavender, and Rubber Plant, etc., supply a good amount of oxygen and grow in all weather conditions and act as stress busters. Studies have proven that plants not only beautify our surroundings but also help reduce stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure. Some freshly cut flower arrangement in your house can trigger happy brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and the love hormone, oxytocin, while improving your mental health when the temperature dips. Never underestimate the power of small flower arrangements.

Create walls and add artsy wallpaper

Winter months tend to make you stay indoors staring at the walls so consider giving a new look to the paint color on the walls in the spaces like the living room or kitchen. Adding modern trim work, crown molding and a bold coat of paint can completely change your entire home décor with making a hole in your pocket.

The call of the day is to really add visual interest to your walls, homeowners could go with a new or dramatic paint color or use painter’s tape to create stripes or patterns. Not to forget to mention that Wallpaper is making a bit of a comeback so invest in some exotic floral designs and the dryness of the colder months can actually produce faster results in this do it yourself project.

So, transform your home with a few simple home improvements ideas from Hobby Lobby which offers a huge collection in their home décor category of Frames and Photo Albums, Mirror and wall décor, Candles, and Fragrances, so create a gallery wall with work from your favorite artists that can brighten up your space, renew your mood and give that special boost which you are craving for during the winter months.

There are a lot of options that many people might not even think about which are all there at the store. So get into your shopping spree and don’t let the winter blues hinder your ability to enjoy life.

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