eBay Account Suspended? Here’s How To Fix It Quickly!

EBay is an internet portal that works as an online store and auction. If you have problems with your eBay account suspension, you should know how to fix it now. Your income source in the online store may have ended up inflicting some rules, but you can correct them. Find out the different types of account suspensions on eBay, the reason for your sanction, and its quick solution.

Different Types Of Ebay Account Suspensions

When you have a suspended eBay account, you will not be able to sell your items, much less talk to customers. You could lose many offers on purchases by having your account suspended, which will take away money. There are at least three different types of suspensions on your eBay account:

Your account has been held

If you notice that your account has been suspended, you should not worry because it must be a small problem. Sometimes account holds are due to customer payment failure, or eBay needs to verify your information.

You will be able to have your account up and running until eBay verifies your data or frees you from that problem. You must be patient because these holds can last hours or even days, but you will have your account again in the end.

This alert is usually very common among eBay users, so you don’t have to feel blacked out about it. You only have to abide by the rules that the web provider indicates to you to release your account. In a few hours, you will have your account if you redeem yourself for the damage you have committed on the platform.

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Restrictions on the use of your account

If you have unfavorable customer metrics, the eBay provider may apply restrictions on your account. With a restriction, you will not list some products or have a matching position on eBay. You have to learn from your mistakes and improve your eBay performance for them to remove the restrictions. You can also use the ebay stealth vpn to clear the restriction as well

With the restrictions on your eBay account’s use, you have to improve how you sell and serve customers. If you do not comply with the faults for which the restriction occurred, eBay may suspend you completely.

Your eBay account restrictions may be because you are a bad seller, leaving the supplier in a bad image. You have to correct your faults with these present restrictions for your account to be released at some point. This restriction is more complex to remove, but if you comply with eBay’s rules, you will recover your account.

Suspension of your entire account

The most serious suspension in your eBay account can be indefinitely, but the fault would be serious for you to get there. You will have many opportunities to redeem yourself on eBay before being suspended entirely. These account suspensions can begin for 7 days, 10 days, 30 days, and finally, the total lockdown.

Your IP address may be affected by your account’s total suspension, where eBay prevents you from creating a new account. You have to attend to all the eBay alerts and correct all those problems in your account.

When you receive these alerts, you should worry that you may lose your access to eBay completely. These suspensions may be because you have posted pornographic, copyrighted, or other illegal products. If you do not remove these types of posts, your account’s suspension will continue and may even block your IP address.

If eBay reaches the highest limit of the sanctions blocking your access completely, you will not be able to create other accounts. You will become a user of the eBay blacklist, and you will lose all your rights online. You will not be able to enter eBay by any means using your IP address that was blocked.

Why Is My Ebay Account Suspended?

When you have a suspension on your eBay account, you will receive an email with a notification. You will have detailed information about your failures and how long your suspended account will last. There are many reasons why your eBay account can be suspended and among the most relevant are:

• You have pending payments

If you owe eBay some seller fees or customer refunds, this may be a reason to suspend you. You have to make a one-time payment to settle that debt and thus get out of suspension.

• You have transactions with wrong rates

You can underperform as a seller on eBay if you have erroneous fee transactions for not updating listings. You can also receive the sanction if you cannot cover the shipments of a product that you have sold.

• Product shipments are late

You may have successfully sold a product but have it shipped a day or week after purchase. This type of poor performance is taken into account by eBay and will therefore suspend your account.

• You sell prohibited items

Suspension of your eBay account is more than obvious if you sell prohibited items from your account. You will not be able to sell alcohol or drugs, live animals, counterfeit, poor quality, or dangerous products.

• Sale of articles with copyrights

If you are going to sell an item, you have to verify that it is not copyrighted because eBay will suspend you. You cannot sell products from a brand that did not consent to that free market.

My Ebay Account Is Suspended – How Do I Fix It?

For you to solve the suspension of your eBay account, you must comply with some steps such as:

1. You have to know the cause of the problem that attracted that suspension in your eBay account. You should carefully read the email that the online store sent you to find out what is wrong with you.

2. When you know the lack of content on eBay, you have to redeem yourself as soon as possible by downloading all that content. If you post a copyrighted product, remove that ad to avoid suspension.

3. Finally, you have to contact eBay when you solve the fault so they can restore your account. You have to be patient because eBay will give you a 24-hour limit to answer your email.

The time in which eBay releases your account is variable because this depends on the web’s general provisions. You have to be patient and wait for that email notification that tells you about your account’s status. In the worst case, you may receive an email alert stating that your eBay account is blocked.


You should know everything about eBay and the different types of suspensions that your account will suffer from poor performance. You must be a good seller who complies with the rules that this online store has.

You can avoid stress and continue to sell your items on eBay if you follow all the web rules. You will need to give excellent service to gain popularity and some money while selling your products. You only have to comply with a few basic steps to recover your account if it has been suspended for the first time.

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