7 Extremely Useful Websites that will change your life

zero dollar movies

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind on how much easier the Internet has made our lives and how much convenience it has brought to them. Aside from the websites that are commonly used throughout the world, there are some other extremely useful websites that not a lot of people know about and these websites can completely change how you use the internet. The following 8 websites are some examples of these.

  1. Zero Dollar Movies

Zero Dollar Movies is the go to place for anyone with a taste for good movies. It has an enormous collection of over 15,000 movies and the best part is that they’re all of high quality and can be watched in multiple different languages for absolutely free. All movies here are full length and don’t include any pesky trailers.

zero dollar movies
  1. Fax Zero

Turn your PC into a convenient fax machine. Fax Zero is a website that allows you to send faxes to the USA and Canada absolutely free of any costs. On top of this you can also send faxes outside these countries for a very meager fee.

fax zero
  1. ScribbleMaps

You can think of ScribbleMaps as a more customized and personal version of your regular Google maps. It’s a website that allows you to scribble things like makers and shapes on maps to make them truly personal. You can also send these personalized maps to others.

scribble maps
  1. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an incredibly handy online image editor to fill all your editing needs. Simply upload your image to the website and go crazy with the huge variety of editing options available to you such as different effects and designs etc.

pic Monkey
  1. TinEye

You may have used Google’s reverse image search tool that can track back an image to its origins and display where it has been uploaded. TinEye does the same thing but provides a very convenient set of APIs that can be utilized both commercially and personally.

  1. Short Reckonings

Short Reckonings is your handy online expense calculator. It’s an extremely simple and easy to use online tool that allows you to keep track of any shared expenses. The best part is that the user interface is extremely easy to get the hang of and there aren’t any ads that may cause clutter.

Short Reckonings
  1. Instructables

Instructables is your online tutorials galore. It’s a website that is completely flooded with extremely useful tutorials and in-depth instructions on how to make almost anything. Aside from exploring for tutorials you can also share your own with the enormous community

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