Does Homework Really Matter For College Students?

If you think about it, students always have hard homework for as long as they can remember. It’s probably something you don’t think about because it seems natural and normal. If you’re a parent, you most definitely help your young ones with their homework every night. It’s even possible that you have a homework spot where each of your children sits to work on their assignments.

And since technology has advanced and you can now access primary, high school, and college assignment assistance, helping your child is not as tedious as it used to be. You can go online and ask professionals for help if you’re feeling a little under the weather or you don’t understand the question your child needs assistance with. 

Homework has become as much parents’ responsibility as it is their children’s. Just before bedtime, you have to ask each child the question they’ve likely gotten used to at this point, “have you done your homework?” 

Let’s find out if homework really matters for college students. 

The Brain Needs the Practice

Have you ever asked yourself if doing homework matters for your child in college? I mean, unlike young kids who might struggle with understanding different concepts, college students’ brains are likely mature enough to understand most of what they’re taught in class. Besides, they have access to unlimited online and library learning resources that break down concepts that might be difficult.

You would think that since college students are adults, they have the brain capacity to understand everything. However, the only difference between a college student and a child in elementary school is the educational material and curriculum they’re exposed to. While college students deal with much more complex material, their brains operate the same way as it has always had. It might have gotten better at mastering information, but without practice, it will be no go.

So yes, homework matters for college students because their brains need practice to remain sharp. Learning might be a simple process, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly because it’s the same as learning a new skill. You have to do it over and over again to get better at it. 

Too Much Homework is Counterintuitive

Parents and educators have been debating the merits of homework for years now. Even students have a thing or two to say about homework and how it impacts their college life. Even though we’ve already established the essence of homework, this is not to say that it doesn’t have downsides. 

In recent years, students have become more vocal about how homework impacts their social life, mental wellness and academic success. Unfortunately, many students feel so stressed about all the work they have to complete that they end up being unproductive.

Parents’ hearts break when they cannot recognize their kids during summer breaks because the pressure to succeed is taking a toll on their health. Homework is essential, but too much of it does the opposite of what it’s intended to achieve. Guardians are appealing to educators to review homework guidelines because the wellness of their kids is at stake. 

College Students Have Access to Online Academic Help

On one hand, students’ access to online academic help can be considered a good thing because it offers instant assistance with homework. But, on the other hand, it might be the reason why educators have increased students’ academic workload. Educators argue that since they don’t have to go through volumes of books to find answers to their assignments, they can handle more homework. 

This approach to homework is quite detrimental to the learning process because students end up rushing through assignments because they have so much to do. In the end, they learn nothing new from their assignments because they were too focused on submitting their paper on time to grasp important information.

Today’s students’ easy access to information should not be used against them. When all is said and done, a college student remains a student whether they use the library or online resources. For the brain to master new information, students need to take their time doing homework, but they can’t do that if they’re always overwhelmed with school work.

Final Word 

While doing homework is an essential part of learning, giving college students too much homework beats the purpose of assignments. Educators should regulate academic workloads in institutions of higher learning to give students enough time to process information. When students aren’t worried about assignment deadlines, they can focus on giving their best in each assignment and use homework as a way to boost their academic performance. 

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