Destiny 2: All the Areas That a Player Should Find Interesting

Destiny 2

Whether you’re a new or seasoned pro, Destiny 2 has plenty of areas that are worth visiting. It’s not all about the grind, as some of these locations are just a way for the developers to flex their design muscles. There is a little of something for every player, so pay close attention to the areas mentioned below.

Proving Grounds

Do you need to farm Cabal? Your two choices are KBoosting – The Best Game Boosting Services Website or the Proving Grounds. The grind is real when hunting this enemy, and fire-team missions aren’t always friendly to newbies. But the Proving Grounds is still a better choice for Cabal, even when you consider Dares of Eternity or Nessus.

Ana Bray Hangar Room

You can find the Ana Bray Hangar Room in the Tower. It is a lore area created by the developers specifically to link to the Arthurian legends. This is one of many fun spots in the game that showcase how Destiny as a franchise is more than action. This doesn’t make it Halo level, but it does create some solid building blocks.


The Hive are pretty common in Destiny 2, and one of the easiest to farm. On the moon they are plentiful, specifically with the Altars of Sorrow public event. Once you get used to this area, don’t be surprised when you return later for some easy materials. Outside of the Hive, the Moon has plenty of other areas that are more than worth exploring.

Ascendant Realm

Have you been to Dreaming City? Then the Ascendant Realm will be a pleasant surprise. There are a lot of difficult enemies around this area, but the loot is too tempting to pass up. Gear up and get ready to stay a while, and you’ll come out with some serious riches.

The Throne World

When finding the Scorn becomes frustrating, hop on over to the Throne World. It’s a bit more interesting than the Birthplace of Vile, and fun to just mindlessly roam around in. There are a lot of fun things to find in some of the smaller spots on the Throne World, so take it all in without rushing.

Lake Of Shadows New Area

The Curse of Osiris DLC was an oldie but goodie for longtime Destiny 2 players. Beyond Light reopens this area with the Lake of Shadows strike. It is a little bit of a maze to get there, but will instantly be worth the trip after you see the broken bridge and radio tower. In many ways, this can be considered a great resource after you’ve conquered the game.


Do you like farming the Fallen? Has it been a royal pain navigating around during Dares of Eternity? EDZ is where you need to go for one of the most common enemies in the game. The planet is swimming with groups of Fallen, and they are aggressive to a fault. Mow them down, collect resources, then rise and repeat.

Vault of Glass

The Vault of Glass raid on Europa is one of the hidden secrets of players that want to grind Vex. It’s a dangerous place, so be careful what you’re asking for! Vault of Glass is one of those raids that never gets old if you’re with the right group. Since it is all about Vex, the potential is unlimited.

Hallowed Rift

This is more of an area meant ‘just for fun’. In order to get to the Hallowed Rift you have to glitch out of the map from the lost sector in Hallowed Groove. This involves a clever use of a stasis grenade to block a forced teleport. You might not get it right the first time, but most players get it after a few more tries.

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Tower Of Opened Eyes Secret Well

Count this as another secret area that the developers were thrilled to leave in for curious players. Like the Hallowed Rift, it takes practice to get to. A platform over instakill water will do, but be prepared for some hilarious results for first timers. There are still hot debates over whether this is an unfinished raid or lore for the game. Either way, it is a place that every player should visit at least once.

The Ahamkaras in Harbingers Seclude Area

The lore in this area is really understated. It is probably the coolest part about Destiny if you consume media outside of the game. These shapeshifting creatures were hunted out of existence, and the only way to see them again is with the Forsaken expansion. But it is not the reunion you would expect, and that is what makes this one of the biggest surprises in the game. That makes the Harbingers Seclude Area that much more tragic.

Shattered Throne

Shattered Throne is another one of the standout areas to farm the Taken. As the easiest enemy type to farm, the Taken aren’t exactly hiding around corners. But going to the Shattered Throne Dungeon is considered the most efficient way to hunt them. The Thrallway checkpoint from this area might as well be considered a lounge area for Destiny players of all levels. Follow the leader, or set a path all on your own.

The Confluence

In Dreaming City is the Confluence, where you will find an Ascendant Chest. After you collect your loot, take in one of the best views in the game. The developers knew what they were doing here, as players made it a point to screenshot their character when given the chance.

Divalian Mist Cavern

Pass the arch on the way to Divilian Mist to get to a temple entrance. The statues in front have their hands in random positions, leading to speculation about a secret. Curiosity paid off again, as there is a cave behind the statues. Unfortunately, no one has been able to figure out how to enter. Is this a puzzle, or the developers teasing the player base? Go check it out, and you may be the one to crack the code!

Just A Taste

It’s fun to get lost in some of the better parts of Destiny 2. This small list of areas will keep you busy for multiple days. You’ll know Destiny 2 has you hooked when the sun is rising unexpectedly.

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